What Is Lashlift? – How It Works & Important Things To Know!

What is lashlift?

It can be difficult to get your eyelashes to hold the bend for a whole day. Or that it should hold the bend after a bath. Having curved lashes makes your eyelashes look longer and you look alert and awake.

An easy way to get permanently curved lashes is to do a lash lift, but what does a lash lift really mean?

With lashlift, your own lashes are permanent in a lash bend so you do not have to use a lash curler. Lashlift gives you a durable bend for about 6-8 weeks – even after swimming, training and sauna. With a lash lift, your lashes will look naturally curved when you wake up in the morning.

Understanding what lashlift is

A lash lift is when you bend your own lashes with permanent fluids that are for the lashes. Before, it was called eyelash permanent which is exactly the same thing as lashlift. Lashlift is just a newer word.

This is done at a salon by a trained lash stylist. It is also possible to find a lash lift at many hairdressers. It does not hurt, it can sting the eyes if any liquid slides into the eyes but it is not dangerous. Doing lashlift takes about 60 minutes.

When you do a lash lift, your lashes are bent with permanent fluids, then your lashes are dyed and finally a caring creatine serum is applied to the lashes. This means that you do not have to bend your lashes with a lash curler.

How does a lash lift work?

A lash lift always starts with a consultation with the lash stylist where you go through your wishes and how you want your lash curler to look.

I list here how a lashlift is done at a salon. During the entire treatment, you lie down and close your eyes.

This is how a lashlift goes:

  1. Your lashes are washed
  2. A silicone roll is tested for your lashes (there are different sizes of silicone rolls)
  3. The silk roll is attached to your eyelid
  4. The lashes are fastened (straw by straw) on the silicone roller to get the bend
  5. When all the lashes are attached to the silicone roller, two different permanent liquids are applied to the lashes
  6. The permanent liquid is wiped off
  7. If you wanted to color your lashes, now is the time to color them
  8. After the coloring is complete, a creatine treatment is applied that takes care of your lashes

Here you can see a film of how a lashlift works

Think about this before you do a lash lift

Start by finding a fringe stylist who has many before and after photos so you can see photos of previous jobs, also check reviews from customers about the fringe stylist. Unfortunately, there are many rogue fringe stylists today.

Think about this before a lashlift:

  • Be unmade when you do a lash lift
  • Do not use creams or oils around the eyes
  • Do not bend your lashes
  • Do not wear lenses
  • Shower before because you must not soak the lashes 24 hours after

Think of this after a lashlift: (24 h after)

  • Do not use mascara or eye makeup
  • Do not bathe
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes

Heat and oils impair the durability of the permanent. Therefore, do not expose your lashes to high heat or oil immediately after doing a lash lift.

Can you use Xlash when doing a lash lift?

Yes you can. There is nothing that neither destroys nor impairs the result of your lashlift. You can use it to your advantage to strengthen your lashes. Xlash contains no oils so it goes well.

Wait to use Xlash immediately after a lash lift, wait until 24 hours have passed.

Can I wear mascara after a lash lift?

Yes, you can use mascara when you have done a lash lift, you can also have other make-up such as eye shadow and eyeliner. You should only avoid it 24 hours after the treatment, it is for the permanent to settle properly.

Avoid washing off the make-up with make-up remover that contains oils, it can make the lashlift not last that long.

How long does a lash lift last?

A lash lift lasts up to 6-8 weeks. Depending on how your lash cycle is and how you take care of your lashes, the durability can vary.

A lash cycle is how your lashes grow, just like the hair on your head. We lose lashes and new ones come – it’s a bike. A fringe cycle is usually for 6-8 weeks.

Do you use e.g. makeup removal with oil, it will make the bend release faster or if you use eye products with oil in.

If you rub your eyes a lot, it will also affect the durability for a shorter time.

Does the lashlift wear on the lashes?

No it does not wear on the lashes. It wears more on the lashes to use eyelash curlers every day.

The permanent fluids can dry out the lashes a bit, so it is good if you add a creatine treatment afterwards if it is not included in the price. Creatine nourishes and moisturizes the lashes.

Price for doing lashlift at salon and at home

The prices at a salon can vary a lot, but as a rule they usually start from around $60, although it can differ a lot between different cities, the stylist’s experience and from salon to salon.

The price for doing a lash lift and also what is included in the treatment can differ a lot between different salons.

Some salons offer lashlift while others only have a combination of dyeing, keratin treatment and / or browlift.

The price will then of course be higher and if you do not want the coloring or browlift, it may be worth finding a salon that offers the treatment you want.

So you do not have to pay for more than you want. It can be good to keep in mind that sometimes the salon has made this combination because it gives a better result.

For example, the coloring can make a big difference to the result of the eyelash curl. If you have light lashes, coloring the lashes can make a very big difference to the effect of the lash lift.

Also keep in mind that the average price can vary between different cities. Above all, you should be careful if the price is too low.

Of course, it is not always something scary, but in some cases the fringe stylist has not attended any training or does not use the right products.

So feel free to do an extra check for safety.

Lashlift at home – Does it work?

Yes you can do lash lift yourself at home. And the result can be very good if you have the time and patience. The only downside to doing it yourself at home is that it is incredibly fussy and time consuming because you have to do one eye at a time.

The downside I have heard and read is that the fringe bend does not last as long as if you do it at the salon. I guess it’s because they have stronger fluids in salons.

A lash lift kit costs around $20-30.

Here you can see a video of how to do a lashlift at home


How long does the Lash Lift treatment take to do?

The treatment takes 60 minutes.

What is important to think about before treatment?

You should come without lenses in your eyes or remove them before the treatment. Come without makeup around the eyes, otherwise come in good time to wash it off yourself.

The first time you do Lash Lift with us, the treatment is performed according to all basic conditions and the recommended treatment methods.

This is to ensure how exactly your lashes react to the liquids and how the bend will be of the size recommended for the length of lashes that you have.

The second time you can adjust and change a little more if the result is not what I think can be the maximum for you.

How is the treatment done?

First, determine which shape fits your lashes. The lashes are carefully and carefully fastened around a silicone roller that lies on top of your eyelids while you close your eyes.

If you also want lash color, there is the option to book or tell during the treatment.

What should I think about after the treatment?

Avoid all forms of mascara and / or cleaning products with oil 24-48 hours after, but then it works well with non-waterproof mascara.

Using mascara often can cause the lashes to lose volume earlier. Do not rub on the lashes and avoid hot showers and definitely sauna baths.

The oil and heat can destroy the effect of the permanent.

What should I expect for durability after Lash Lift?

  • Your natural lashes are transformed and grow all the time.
  • Your Lash Lift therefore disappears in step with the growth.
  • The durability is individual and depends on how fast your own lashes grow and are replaced.
  • Normally, the life cycle of the natural lash is 8 weeks.
  • The durability of a lash bend can therefore be anywhere from 6 up to 12 weeks!
  • Lash Lift can be redone after no earlier than 6 weeks.

Summary – Lashlift

Lashlift is a lash treatment that bends your own lashes with permanent fluids and gives the impression of longer and fuller eyelashes. A lash lift lasts for about 6-8 weeks.

Avoid bathing, bathing and putting on make-up 24 hours after a lashlift treatment as the permanent needs that time to be able to sit down. Heat and oils impair the bend.

You can also do a lashlift yourself at home with a lashlift kit. It takes longer and is a bit tricky as you have to take one eye at a time. A lash lift you do yourself at home does not last as long as if you did it at a salon.



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