What Color Lipstick Should I Wear

What color lipstick should I wear?

Start from your skin tone and choose a lipstick that is slightly darker than your skin. There you have the perfect shade for you. A lipstick that goes more towards pink is good for light skin, peach goes well between skin and copper for darker skin.

What color should you have on the lipstick?

Lipstick suits everyone, but it is important to find the right color of lipstick for you. It is common to buy a lipstick seen on a person who fit very well in that color but did not look good on you at all.

Why? I will go into it a little more closely in this post and help you choose the right color of lipstick for you.

To know what color you should have on the lipstick, you need to know what skin tone you have. Is it warm, cold or neutral.

Do you have light or dark skin? All lipsticks and their color combinations are always available in a warm or cold undertone.

I know it can be really hard to find the right color of lipstick that suits you. I myself have stood there and bought the wrong lipstick that did not look good at all when I applied it to me but looked really nice on the girl in the store.

All lipsticks have different undertones that are cold, warm or neutral. Therefore, it is important that you know what your skin tone / undertone is to get a lipstick that suits you.

Start from your skin tone

The absolute easiest way to find out which lipstick is right for you is to find out if you have a cold or warm skin tone.

If you have light skin, you burn yourself easily in the sun and usually turn red, lipstick in cold tones suits you best.

If you have a dark complexion, you rarely burn yourself in the sun and get a light tan, then lipstick with warm tones suits you.

  • Light complexion – Best suited in cold tones on lipstick
  • Dark skin – Best suited in warm tones on lipstick

You can also stand in a bright window and look at your blood vessels that are on your forearms. Do the blood vessels look blue or green?

  • Blue veins – You have a cold undertone and fit in lipstick with cold tones
  • Green veins – You have a warm undertone and fit in lipstick with warm tones

Different tones of lipstick

As I mentioned before, most colors of lipstick are in different tones to suit everyone. This means that the colors of the lipsticks are available in cold, warm and neutral tones.

  • Cold tones – The lipstick pulls in the blue direction
  • Warm tones – The lipstick pulls in the orange direction
  • Neutral tones – Wakes up hot or cold (fits most)

Red lipstick

All fit in red lipstick. But it’s not just about buying any red lipstick. Red lipsticks are available in warm, cold and neutral tones.

If you are unsure of which shade to choose, you can always put on a red lipstick that goes in a neutral tone.

But if you know that you, for example, are cold in skin tone, a lipstick that goes in the blue direction will suit you even better than a neutral one.

Pink lipstick

A pink lipstick is easier to find and easier to get right. If you have dark skin, you fit best in scratchy and bright pink lipsticks and a light complexion fits best in light and light pink colors.

Here you do not have to think of any undertone. Without going for your skin color to get the best pink lipstick.

Coral lipstick

A coral colored lipstick is just as nice to wear in the summer for a tanned complexion and is suitable for both dark and light complexion.

A light complexion should focus on coral lipstick that goes more in the pink direction while a dark complexion should be applied to a more intense and stronger coral color on the lipstick.

Nude lipstick

A nude lipstick is suitable for all situations to wear and all seasons of the year. It will never go wrong and it is also easy to find a color that suits you.

Take a shade of lipstick that matches your skin tone but in any shade darker.

Nude lipstick that goes in the peach direction fits best on a medium complexion, copper for a dark complexion and pink for a light complexion.

What color of lipstick for whiter teeth?

To make your teeth look whiter, choose a lipstick that has blue undertones in it. Then the blue neutralizes yellow and gives an illusion that looks like you have whiter teeth.

Good colors of lipstick that give the impression of whiter teeth are berry tones that are purple-pink, red lipstick with neutral undertone or blue undertone.

Pink lipstick also gives the impression of whiter teeth.

Make your lipstick pop

A lipstick that has a strong color such as red and coral colored lipsticks is best suited if you do not have a lot of makeup on otherwise.

So very neutral eye shadow or none at all. It makes your lipstick pop and it does not look too much like the rest of your makeup.

For example, if you have a pair of dark smoky eyes and a red lipstick, it is easy for it to become too much of everything and your lipstick will disappear in all other make-up.

Lipstick guide: How to choose the right red lipstick

Step 1. Find your undertone

Most of us do not know our undertone but it is really one of the most important basics in makeup. Think of your skin as two layers – Skin Color and Skin Tone.

Skin color = You probably know your skin color. It is controlled by the level of melanin in the skin and can be anything from light, medium, olive or dark. The color can change depending on the season and look different depending on the origin, etc.

Skin tone = Each skin color then has its own tone and can be cold (blue / pink elements), neutral (blue-green elements) or warm (peach / yellow / green elements). This is the one you should keep an eye on to find the right lipstick color!

So how do you know which undertone you have?

Undertones test 1: The jewelry trick!

Think about whether you usually opt for gold (Warm) or silver jewelry (Cold). Maybe you feel that you can usually wear both (Neutral)?

Undertones Test 2: Look at the veins / veins on your forearms

This is the safest but also the most difficult, but with a trained eye you see it quickly after a while.

You have a Warm / golden undertone = if the veins on your forearm are in the green / yellow-green direction.
You have a Neutral undertone = if the veins on your forearm are both blue and green
You have a Cold / pink undertone = if the veins are blue, blue-green and blue-purple.

Undertones Test 3: Think about what happens when you are out in the sun.

If you sunbathe and do not burn yourself very easily, it is more likely that you are a warm undertone. If you burn yourself easily and turn red, you probably have a cold undertone.

If you turn in both directions, you can be neutral.

Step 2. Match or contrast?

Once you have a decent idea of ​​which undertone you have, we can go into the undertone of the lipstick. Here you can choose if you want a lipstick that matches the same undertone that you have in your skin, for a more subtle look or you choose a lipstick with opposite tones for a look with contrast.

If you are new to lipstick, you should definitely choose to match, so go for the same undertone that you have in your skin!

Match lipstick to the depth of your skin tone

In addition, it is also important to match the color to your skin color. If you choose too much contrast, the red hue will look harsh and if the color is not deep enough, it may not be as visible.

What does a cold red lipstick look like?

The shade then has tones that attract more blue / pink and purple. Think burgundy, plum, rose red or cranberry red.

Cold lipstick colors usually contain names that include words like cherry, raspberry, burgundy, cranberry, wine, rose or crimson.

Tip! A red lip color with blue undertones is a smart choice if your teeth are slightly yellow. The blue undertones help your teeth look whiter.

What does a warm red lipstick look like?

The shade then has tones that attract more orange, coral, copper, gold or brown. Think fire truck red, terracotta, chili and tomato red. Warm lipstick colors usually include words like orange, golden, sunset, coral or fiery.

Tip! If your teeth are not so white, you should avoid red lipsticks with too much orange tone in them, because they have a tendency to bring out the yellow tones in the teeth.

Step 3. Choose the right type / formula of red lipstick

Once you have chosen what color you are looking for, you should now get suggestions for some iconic red lipsticks that best suit your skin tone and skin tone.

Matte – A matte formula without gloss and shimmer gives an intense color with rich pigments that tend to sit a little better. However, a matte lipstick does not provide much moisture, so you should avoid it if you have dry, chapped lips.

Cream – A creamy formula gives a slightly lighter pigmented color while giving a lot of moisture. The formula feels comfortable and soft, which makes it slightly less durable so you will get better at the lipstick a few times during the day.

Sheer / Satin – A formula in Sheer means that you get less pigment in the lipstick but all the more moisture, which can be a good idea if you are trying to get used to red lips. Satin can also be a name for the smooth texture of the lipstick. If you want the lipstick stronger, you can combine it with a lip pencil.

Liquid – A liquid lipstick has a formula that usually dries into a matte finish that lasts all day. If you have slightly drier lips or a mouth with a lot of lines, the formula will probably emphasize them, so try another type of red lip color.

Gloss – Choose a gloss for a shiny, moisturizing color. The formula gives an enlarged impression and is a good choice if you want a lighter finish and have dry lips. The gloss disappears quickly and must be reapplied.

Frequently asked questions about lipstick

1. I do not want to look like I have makeup!

Let brown pink and nude shades be your gateway to the world of lipsticks. They are kind and easy to wear colors, and do not require much precision.

The closer to the skin a shade is, the more important it is that the pen gives a little shine or luster.

2. What do I do to make the lipstick last longer?

The safest trick is to always primer with a thin layer of lip primer, a thin cream that gives the lipstick extra grip.

Or try painting the entire lip with a matching pencil instead. Then it is less noticeable when the color itself has slipped away.

3. Is liquid lipstick better than solid?

Liquid pins have a completely different composition. Instead of a high content of emollient oils, they contain film-forming substances that make the pigments settle evenly and stay on for an extra long time.

4. How do I avoid red smudges on my teeth?

As soon as you have painted your lips, put your index finger in your mouth. When you then quickly pull it out, excess color comes with it.

5. Why do I get such dry lips when I paint them?

Switching to lipstick with caring properties makes a big difference. But first, peel your lips.

Summary – What color should you have on the lips

To find the right shade and color of a lipstick, you should start with your skin tone. If you are a warm or cold skin tone.

The easiest way to find out is to check your blood vessels on your forearm to see if they turn green or blue.

If you have blue veins, you have a cold undertone and should choose lipstick with cold tones. And if you have green veins, choose lipsticks that have warm tones.

A dark skin fits best in intense and dark colors while a light skin fits best in shades in the lighter direction.

All colors of lipstick suit everyone, you just have to find the right undertone on the lipstick that matches your skin tone.

A nude lipstick always goes home in all contexts. A coral-colored lipstick is best to wear in the summer. And the classic red lipstick suits you who are both light and dark in complexion.



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