What Color Eyeshadow Should I Wear – (Guide)

What color eyeshadow should I wear?

Eye shadows are available in many nice colors. But did you know that some colors match your eye color better than others and that they can make your eye color pop more? In this post, I will tell you which color of eye shadow suits you and your eyes best.

So what eye shadow should you have?

Blue eyes should have colors that go in warm tones, green eyes fit well in colors that are purple and red while brown eyes fit best in blue and green eye shadow. What the colors do is that they are a contrast to each other, which means that your own eye color is highlighted better.

Highlight your eyes with the right color of eye shadow

There are many colors to choose from when it comes to eye shadows and it is easy to buy the colors you like and which you think are nice.

And of course you should take what you like, but by choosing the right color of eyeshadow, you can really lift your eye makeup.

Our eyes can pop and become more intense with the right color of eye shadow. By choosing an eye shadow that is a contrast to your eye color, you bring out the depth of the color of your eyes.

This means that both the eye color pops but also that the eye shadow becomes clearer.

1. Blue eyeshadow

Blue eyes are best highlighted with warm tones such as deep brown, golden or orange tones. These colors will make your blue eyes look even more blue.

A good and affordable eye shadow that is suitable for blue eyes is NYX ulitimate shadow palette warm neutrals.

Avoid using blue eye shadow if you have blue eyes, it causes your own eye color to lose its color instead. But you can use blue eyeliner or blue mascara, it makes the eyes look bluer.

2. Eye shadow for green eyes

If you have green eyes, you should really try putting on make-up in a purple eye shadow. People with green eyes also have a yellow tint in their eyes. Purple and yellow are colors that really bring each other out and are a good match. Even red shades on eye shadows go well with green eyes.

A nice eye palette that has lovely purple tones is the Urban Decay Naked Ultra Violet palette, perfect for you with green eyes!

3. Eye shadow for brown eyes

Congratulations if you have brown eyes. Brown eyes fit in most colors but pop extra if you have blue, green or purple eye shadow. Brown eyes can also carry up bronzy and golden tones very nicely.

A tip, if you are going to soothe your eyes then use a dark blue shade instead of a black one, it will really get your brown eyes in focus.

A color palette that has all these colors and that suits brown eyes is the Milani Giled Jewel Palette.

4. Eye shadow for gray eyes

Gray eyes fit well in dark brown shades but also in black smoky eyes. Another color that highlights gray eyes very well is golden tones.

Did you know that gray eyes are the most common color in the Nordic countries?

Warm or cold color on eye shadow?

You have probably heard of warm and cold colors. Since I am a character who likes to kill many “musts” in makeup, I will also try to kill the statement that people with warm colors must also have warm colors on clothes and makeup, while people with cold colors must also have cold colors of their clothes and makeup.

Today we dye the hair to the right and left and if you have a warm skin tone, I do not think there is anything that says that you should not have a cold hair color or a cold lipstick.

Therefore, I will not delve into how you should think with warm and cold tones on the eye shadow. Instead, we run on color, color and color again.

And in this case, I will tell you how you can think when you buy an eye shadow that emphasizes the eye color.

Emphasis blue eyes and green eyes

Now we start with tips on how to emphasize your eye color. To help me, I have a color circle. To know how to emphasize the eye color, simply check which color is furthest from your own eye color in a color circle.

So if you want to emphasize blue eye color, my tip comes here, so you should choose an orange eye shadow.

The clearer the orange color you use, the more you will emphasize the eye color. If it feels too daring to choose this color, you can start by testing a more natural variant of an orange shade.

A nice variant comes from MAC eye shadow and is called Texture, it is a terracotta colored eye shadow that gives a natural orange color.

Eye shadows that match the green eye color are red eye shadow. Here, too, there are more natural varieties, such as MAC eyeshadow in the popular color Cranberry.

Highlight brown eyes

Blue color is a hot tip for eye shadow for brown eyes. If your brown eyes go a little in the mottled, yellow-brown direction, these are highlighted with a purple eye shadow.

Here, too, it is the clear colors that enhance the eye color. Liquid Effect Pencil 20 Violet Voltage is a purple eyeliner that is easy to work with and can be used both as a purple eye shadow and as a purple eyeliner.

And as a more natural complement to this eyeliner, there is an eyeshadow pen from Clinique called Chubby Stick Eye Shadow Portly Plum. It is easy to apply and gives an even eye shadow.

The darker the eye color you have, the lighter eye shadow you can choose to bring out the eye color best. And the lighter eyes you have, the darker eye shadows you can choose.

If you want to emphasize black eye color, a white shadow is what gives maximum results, otherwise you can use a light eye shadow on the eyelid or in a light eyeliner.

Illuminating Duo Pencil Shimmer Matte from Youngblood is a light beige eyeliner with a matte and shimmery side.

This pen is super nice to use even in the corner of the eye or as a highlighter under the eyebrow, regardless of eye color.

Colorful makeup – emphasis eyes step by step

Below you also see a make-up tip step by step how to do a simple party make-up, or if you want it as a nice everyday make-up. It is a colorful makeup that works well no matter what eye color you have.

Just change the colors to an eye shadow that highlights your eye color. Continue reading to find out how to learn how to make up nicely with color.

  • Apply an eye primer over the entire eyelid and up to the eyebrow. I use this for a lasting eye shadow and it is good for oily eyelids. In the pictures I have used Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer Only A Matter Of Prime from Wet n Wild. It is smooth in texture and provides a good foundation for applying an even eye shadow.
  • Apply a yellow eye shadow over the eyelid and a bit up towards the eyebrow. Leave some bare skin between the eye shadow and the eyebrow.
  • Apply a pink eyeshadow on the outer edge and inner corner of the lid. Leave the center of the eyelid unpainted.
  • Take the orange eye shadow and apply it in the unpainted area between the pink shadows.
  • Paint an eyeliner with a wing. I have used a jelly eyeliner, which is a simple eyeliner for beginners, but it works just as well with a liquid eyeliner, or eyeliner if you like it better. If it is difficult to get the wing, this make-up will look good even with an eyeliner without a wing. Here I have also used Youngblood Illuminating Duo Pencil Shimmer Matte in the inner corner of the eye.
  • The icing on the cake is a black mascara. I have used a volume mascara and it is a mascara that lengthens the eyelashes. It is therefore good for short eyelashes or if you want to lengthen the lashes further.

For this makeup I have used a fantastic matte eyeshadow palette from Sleek, the i-Divine V1 Ultra Matte Eyeshadow Palette is called.

The pigments are very good so you get color from the eye shadow immediately. Sleek has a variety of eyeshadows and palettes to choose from, both matte and shimmery eyeshadow palettes.

If you want to party to your makeup even more, you can put on false eyelashes. For everyday use, you can use fine natural false eyelashes, while false eyelashes for parties can be a little denser and longer.

Make your eye shadow hold

To make your eye shadow last all day or an entire night out, use an eye primer.

An eye primer ensures that the eye shadow stays in place, but also that the colors become clearer and more intense.

If you do not use an eye primer, it can easily be that the eye shadow slides off the eyelid and settles as a line on the eyeball.

Why an eyeshadow easily “slips” off the eyelid if you do not use a primer is that we often get oily on our eyelids during the day and this causes the eyeshadow to come off.

An eye primer that I use myself and that is really awesome is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original.

How long do eye shadows last?

A powder eyeshadow can last as long as you like as long as you use clean makeup brushes and are not there with your fingers. Should an oily film form on the eye shadow, you can scrape it off with a sharp knife a little gently.

If, on the other hand, you have an eye shadow that is in a cream or liquid texture, the durability is shorter. Such an eye shadow lasts for about 1.5 years.

Can you fix an eye shadow that has broken?

Yes you can. All make-up that is in powder, you can easily cook with rubbing alcohol, collect as much of the pieces and powder in the eyeshadow packaging or in a small bowl and remove any dirt that may have come with the crumbs.

If there are any larger pieces of powder left, chop them down so that everything becomes like crumbs, drip a little hand alcohol over, flatten with a spoon and let your eye shadow dry. Voila!

The eye shadow is like new again.

Summary – What eye shadow should I have?

Choosing the right eye shadow for the right eye color determines whether your eyes become intense or fade away due to the wrong color choice.

But of course you can choose what color you want on your eye shadow and what you like most.

Blue eyes fit well in eye shadows with warm colors that have brown and orange tones in them. Brown eyes fit in most colors but mostly in blue, green and purple eye shadows.

Gray eyes are the most common eye color here in the Nordic countries and are best suited in dark brown colors but also in black smoky eyes. If you have green eyes, you fit well in purple eye shadow.

Both the eye shadow and the eye color bring out the colors in each other if you choose the right colors that go together.

So with the right choice, your eye color will pop more and the eye shadow will look more intense.



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