Repair Broken Powder – Simple Step-by-Step Guide

How do you repair broken powder?

How do you repair broken powder? All you need is a knife, rubbing alcohol, a teaspoon and kitchen paper. You chop the powder into small crumbs, mix it with the hand spirit to a batter and then dry it in the powder box and you have a whole powder again!

All make-up that is in powder can be made with this. With this post I will show you how you can easily fix your makeup.

How to repair broken powder – Step-by-step guide

This is a real beauty hack and I was so happy when I learned this. And now I want to show it to you.

Once you have learned this, you will not have to throw away your powder make-up that you just dropped on the floor or try to make up with the broken powder anyway.

When I write powder makeup, I mean all makeup that is in powder form (foundation, blush, bronzer, eye shadow and highlighter)

What you need:

  • Your broken powder makeup
  • Clean knife
  • Hand alcohol
  • Household paper
  • Teaspoon

1. Collect the makeup

Start by collecting as much of the powder in the can as you can.

Crumbs and pieces. Make sure you do not bring any other debris such as hairs or dust. In that case, remove it. It is also possible to put it in a small bowl.

2. Chop the pieces

Now that everything is gathered in the make-up box again or in a bowl, you take a clean knife. Then chop the remaining pieces of powder.

Preferably for crumbs. Be careful when chopping so that you do not splash the powder out of the box / bowl.

3. Drop on rubbing alcohol

When everything is finely chopped into crumbs, drip a few drops of rubbing alcohol over the powder. Mix it into a batter.

Does it feel too dry? Drop in another drop. It’s better to start with too little hand alcohol than too much.

4. Spread the powder

When everything is mixed into a smooth batter, spread it evenly in the box. Flatten the make-up in the box and even out.

You can take the make-up box and tap a little gently against a flat surface to remove any air bubbles.

5. Let dry!

Now let the make-up dry in the box. It can take about 1 hour depending on how big the makeup box is and how wet the batter was after you mixed in the hand sanitizer.

Otherwise, just wait until it is almost completely dry.

6. Smooth it out

While the makeup is still not completely dry, take a paper towel and apply the powder. It dries up the excess moisture from the hand spirit.

Then use a teaspoon to press and even out the powder even more. You do this when the kitchen paper is on. When you have done that, let the make-up dry completely (about 24 hours).

7. Done!

And now you’re done! Your powder makeup is completely new and almost like new. How to fix a broken powder. It’s a simple trick and saves you money by not having to buy new.

If you want to see these steps in video form, you can check out the video below.

Repair broken makeup – Tips for different types of makeup

Below I give some tips on how you can save different types of makeup products. It’s easier than you think to fix broken makeup.

How to fix a too dry foundation

If your liquid foundation has become too dry in the bottle, you can put it in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes.

During this time, you can massage the bottle to mix and dissolve the dry matter in the bottle.

Does your foundation feel too dry and dull in texture and you want a more moisturizing foundation? Instead of buying a new one, you can mix in a little face oil or moisturizer in your foundation to soften the texture in it. Shake the bottle well so that it mixes well before using it.

One reason why a foundation has become dry may be that it has not been closed properly after use or that it has become old. If it is old, I would throw it away and buy a new one.

Repair broken lipstick

It is easy for the lipstick to just fall off in the middle or get stuck in the lid. It is possible to cook and get back together.

If you have a broken lipstick, you can usually fix it by taking a lighter and heating where it went off. Then put it together with the other part of the lipstick. You can also heat the edges with a lighter around the joint so that they blend together better.

Let the lipstick dry. Now it’s done!

Is the nail polish thick and clumsy?

No danger! If your nail polish is clumsy, you can drip in a little acetone / nail polish remover, screw on the lid and shake the bottle thoroughly.

So! Now you have a more even and easy-flowing nail polish again. I have used this many times to get the last of my nail polish.

Advantages and disadvantages of using rubbing alcohol to fix broken make-up

The best thing about using hand sanitizer when making makeup is that it is cheap and effective. Hand sanitizer also does not leave a greasy film on the make-up like other solutions do.

However, there are some disadvantages to using alcohol to make up:

  • Hand alcohol can irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction if you are sensitive (so use sparingly)
  • Hand sanitizer can dry out the skin – so use very little when making your powder products
  • Hand alcohol takes a long time to dry (about 24 hours)

Summary – Repair broken powder makeup

To repair broken makeup, you only need a few tools. A clean knife, kitchen paper, teaspoon and rubbing alcohol. It is quick and easy to make powder make-up. The only thing is that the drying time is long.

Make-up that can be repaired is all that is in powder. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, bronzer and highlighter. Lipstick that has come off, you can easily fix with the help of a lighter that you heat the lipstick with and then put back where it went off.

I hope this guide helps you save money on makeup by not having to replace an entire product if something breaks. Let me know if this works for you!


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