How to Tint Eyebrows & Eyelashes at Home – Top 4

First of all, I want to start by saying that it is always important to read the instructions carefully on the packaging you buy eyebrow and lash color, and to allergy test so you do not get any rashes.

How do I tint my eyebrows at home?

Start by cleaning your eyebrows then use your brow brush to brush through the hairs. Now it’s time to dip your applicator into the ready-mixed color cream and spread over all the strands of the first eyebrow – and then stop abruptly to quickly move on to the next eyebrow.

This way you make sure that both eyebrows get the same shade. Then wait for about 10 minutes before washing off the paint with a damp cotton pad. Use medium pressure.

How to tint your eyebrows at home in 4 easy steps!

1. Prepare

Groom the eyebrows with tweezers. Feel free to fix the skin with your fingers to limit stress. A little skin-colored powder on the straws can make grooming easier.

Clean the skin around the brow. Brush the eyebrow hair straight up with the brow brush and top any long strands with a small, sharp pair of scissors.

Take a small amount of Vaseline on a small brush and apply around the entire brow. This prevents paint from sticking to the wrong places.

2. Mix the color

Now it’s time to mix the color. You can adjust the intensity of the color using the time it is on. Mix different colors for a perfect shade.

Take about 1 cm of paint and about 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a cup. Stir with the orange stick so that it becomes a smooth cream.

3. Apply the color

Apply the color to the brow. Start at the end of the brow, closest to the temple and then work your way towards the lash line.

After application, you can adjust with the brush and remove paint along the edges. Let the paint work for 2-10 minutes.

4. Wash

Use the orange stick and subtract the color. Then wash off with damp cotton pads. Adjust the shape with tweezers if necessary, pick from below.

Feel free to apply a cooling and soothing eye cream when you are done.

How to color your eyebrows and lashes at home – this is what you do

Before you begin

Before you start, you need the right products to get your most beautiful brow and lash color.

It usually goes very quickly to dye eyebrows and lashes, and therefore it is good if you have everything under control before you start smearing on paint.

Something that is also common is that the color tends to stick to the skin, so if there is color outside the eyebrows, for example, remove it quickly with a top or cotton pad.

Step 1: Choose the right color

Which color you choose to dye your straws in is entirely up to you. If you want to make light straws darker, you can choose a shade two steps darker than your natural color.

You can also bleach your straws, make them black or brown.

Step 2: Applicator

To make the procedure as smooth as possible, you need an applicator to apply your eyebrow and lash cream.

And there are several different variants to choose from. You can advantageously apply the paint with a specially adapted lash and eyebrow brush.

You can also use a narrow stick-like applicator if you find it easier.

Perfectly colored lashes – step by step

Step 1: Thoroughly clean

Before you start, it is important to clean your eyebrows and lashes. Therefore, use a cleanser that effectively washes away both dirt and makeup residue from your straws.

Step 2: Brush through your straws:

Then use a lash and brow brush to brush through the hairs. By brushing through them before you start coloring, you make sure that the color settles evenly.

Step 3: Spread the color evenly over the eyelashes:

When you have finished all the preparations, it’s time to start applying your ready-mixed lash cream. Mix the color according to the instructions on the product.

Dab your eyelash brush into the paint and start applying color to the eyelashes. Make sure that each lash line is colored.

Start at the root and work your way out. Be careful not to get color in your eyes.

Step 4: Wait!

Now it’s time to let the paint work for about 5-10 minutes before washing it off with a damp cotton pad. Remember that the longer you wait, the stronger the color will be.

Perfectly colored eyebrows – step by step

The procedure for coloring the eyebrows is almost the same as when you color your eyelashes. Repeat steps 1-3 above, then continue with the steps below.

Step 4: Protect the skin area

The best way to prevent the paint from falling out and creating blemishes on the skin is to lubricate the area with a skin cream before you start applying.

If the accident has occurred, you can then easily remove the paint with a cotton swab.

Step 5: Apply color to your brow hairs

Dip your applicator into the pre-mixed color cream and spread over all the strands of the first eyebrow – and then stop abruptly to quickly move on to the next eyebrow.

This way you make sure that both eyebrows get the same shade. Then wait for about 10 minutes before washing off the paint with a damp cotton pad. Use medium pressure.

Tip! If the paint has ended up outside and created a stain that you never had time to remove, you can gently exfoliate the area with an exfoliating product.

How to tint perfect Eyebrows at home (in-depth tutorial)!

What do you need:

  • Refectocil brow color, it is the best I think. I have the color called Natrubrun.
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • Vaseline
  • Orange stick
  • Plexiglass
  • Small makeup brush
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Small color cup
  • A sharp tweezers
  • A skin-colored powder (not mineral). I use Kanebo’s natural math no. 03 which is my usual powder.
  • A little plain paper to lay out as protection on the sink.


Clean the skin around the brow so that the skin is completely clean and dry. Brush the eyebrow hair straight up with the brow brush and top any long strands with a sharp pair of scissors.

Now, probably all newly trained dermatologists will jump high. This is (or at least was when I went) big NO, NO in school to cut my eyebrows.

But over the years, you learn what looks best and everything you learned in school is not legal, even if another teacher may turn out of discomfort now.

Powdered around the entire brow to facilitate picking.


Take the skin-colored powder and apply liberally around the entire eyebrow. When you do this, the powder wraps around the straws and makes them thicker and more grip-friendly for picking.

One of my favorite tricks to get a perfect pick that does not leave a lot of fuss.

Now in the first stage you make only a rough picking the finishing touches will come later. Nibble away any small hairs under the eyebrow.

If there are any fuzz above, you can take them with you, but be careful not to pick too close to the brow on the top, it can deform the entire brow and change your appearance in a negative way.

Now you only pick hair that does not belong to the brow or affects the shape of the brow.

Just all the fun that is difficult to see but is there and gives a slightly fuzzy impression and possibly some dark ones who have gone astray.

A small bonus is that the eye shadow will sit much nicer and better when you have removed the blemish. You can dab on powder a couple of times until you really get rid of everything.

Rubis is called the best tweezers to fix fine eyebrows

When you nip, it is super important that you fix the skin so as not to stress the thin skin at the eye. Also to prevent you from starting to bleed or get swollen afterwards.

When fixing, place your index finger and middle finger against the skin and tighten the skin while nibbling.

Invest in good tweezers. Rubis has the best. They last forever if you make sure to always put the small lid on the pointed part.


Wash off the powder so the skin is clean and dry again. Press some Vaseline onto a plexiglass plate and brush it around the eyebrow a short distance from the eyebrow.

This makes it easy to quickly remove any paint that comes incorrectly outside the brow. The color does not stick to the skin where there is Vaseline.

If you get paint outside the brow, just take the small brush with a little Vaseline on and brush away.

I use the plexiglass as my work surface. Here I dabble off excess paint on the brush or orange stick and / or pick up more Vaseline to be able to correct something on the eyebrows.

It may sound like an unnecessary tool, but for the mind it is a must. This plate is also super good to have for other things, for example if you like to mix foundations and work from it or lipstick.


Now it’s time to mix the color. I think refectosil’s brow color is best. I use Natural Brown and it turns almost black but with a softer tone.

I like dark eyebrows so this one fits me perfectly.

You can adjust the intensity using the time it is on. You can mix in 1/3 part light brown if you want a warmer tone.

If you are very light or gray-haired or just prefer light eyebrows but still a little color, light gray is nice, the same thing here, if you want it a little warmer, you can mix in 1/3 part light brown.

Take about 1 cm of paint in a small cup. Stir the color with the orange stick so that it becomes a smooth cream.

When you have an even cream, drip in about 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3%. Available for purchase at pharmacies.


Now the paint should be applied to the brow that has been removed as you want it to look. Now you have the opportunity to create a little.

Highlight what you like and tone down what you do not like. This is my favorite step. I would never be able to do an eyebrow color as a dermatologist at a salon in 20 minutes.

I have to fiddle and nap until it is perfect and then it takes its little time.

I always start at the far end of the brow, i.e. closest to the temple and then works my way towards the lash line.

If it gets too dark closest to the lash root, which it can easily be because most people have denser straws there, you can easily look angry.

To think about:

Start applying the paint from the temple and work inwards.

Think about how you apply the paint. If you want to give the eyebrow a shine, remember to apply on the eyebrow and just above not below more than where your eyebrow is.

Of course, most of the color must always be on the eyebrow, but you can focus on different places to create a dynamic eyebrow.

Be careful not to make too round shapes, so that it becomes a clown look.

Imagine a swan wing!

Fix to the eyebrow from below and from above using the brush and any pads.

When you have dabbed out the paint with an orange stick, follow with the brush with Vaseline and draw along the edges so that they become straight and nice contours.

Create a perfect brow. Make sure that the color is thick where it should be and that you have pressed it all the way down to the skin.

Make one brow first and then the other.

Fix to the eyebrow so you get a straight start using the Vaseline brush.


When you have done both eyebrows, take the brush with Vaseline and mirror from the side from above from below and make sure that all edges are straight.

It is very important, I think, that the edge is straight towards the root of the nose.

Let the paint work from 2-10 minutes. I, who is a little crazy and quite old in the clip, leave it for a long time about 10 minutes… sometimes more.

I want them really dark and that it will last for a while. The first few days you can look a little crazy, but I usually offer that.

Usually only the first day and when you are not wearing make-up. With a little makeup on, it’s just cool.


Take the orange stick or a napkin and pull off the color. Start at the edge you started and wait a while and then the second.

Then wash off the residue on the skin. If you think it has stuck too much on the skin and do not like it, you can immediately after running an enzyme peel, e.g. Daily Microfoliant or Silky Peeling Powder.

Then you immediately get rid of a little of what is on the skin. Personally, I LOVE when it sits on the skin because it gives the vision of much denser eyebrows.


Now it’s mission review. Now take the brow brush and tweezers and check if you need to adjust the shape slightly (pick from below).

Nibble away any unwanted small straws that may have remained and file to the shape and check that the eyebrows end and start in approximately the same place on both brows.

If you find that you have a hairpin in your eyebrow. I.e. a small bald spot where it does not currently grow as much hair or where it is sparser with hair.

Take and drip in a little extra hydrogen peroxide in the color that is left and spot treat the areas on the brows one turn. I.e. press down the color on the skin, so that you color the skin on that area a little extra and let it work for a few minutes.

Ta Daaaa !!! Now you should have awesome eyebrows! Feel free to apply a cooling and soothing eye cream afterwards, do not forget to also put on the eyebrows.

What is uglier than dry crunchy straws on the brows? Give it a little cream so that they do not become dry and dull but soft and pliable.


TIP! Should you follow this. Read again if ever before so that you feel that you have control of the flow before you stand there with color that darkens the eyebrows;)

Good luck!



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