How to Remove Waterproof Makeup

How do you remove waterproof makeup?

When it comes to waterproof makeup, oil-based makeup removal is the most effective and suitable for everyone. I recommend an oil cleanser that is applied to dry skin, to dissolve all makeup before rinsing with water.

Waterproof makeup is not washed off with water, but the water is only to rinse off the makeup you have already dissolved.

A lot of water is also dehydrating for the skin, so an oil cleanser is good because you dissolve all makeup completely without water.

4 make-up removals that wash away your waterproof makeup easy!

1. Micellar cleansing Water in Oil, Garnier SkinActive, / 400 ml

My absolute favorite right now that I use daily around the eyes as it is very effective, fast and incredibly easy to use.

This is a Micellar cleansing water with oil that cleanses both the skin and removes all types of makeup around the eyes, including waterproof makeup and strong lips.

Why do I love it?

First and foremost, it is affordable so into the north (400ml under the 100 mark)! The oil in combination with the Micellar water removes the makeup really quickly together with pads without giving any oily feeling afterwards.

It is appreciated. You do not even have to rinse it off if you do not want to (I always do it anyway). Then it smells wonderful!

Be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the liquids and then clean your face with a cotton swab without rubbing! Micellar water should not be rinsed off.

2. Sensibio H20, Bioderma, / 250 ml

My weapon carrier that I always have in my freelance bag and which I have used on shots for several years.

Sensibio H20 is also a Micellar cleanser that gently and effectively removes makeup, while maintaining the skin’s balance.

It is soothing, smooth and is the option for you who do not want oil on the face.

Why do I love it?

It is adapted for sensitive skin, is a simple, neutral scent and it suits most people. I love that Bioderma offers different variants, sizes and for different skin types.

For you with oily / combination skin: Sebium H20 (green)!

Apply on a cotton pad and wipe off impurities and makeup. Do not rinse off.

3. Eye & lip makeup remover waterproof, L’Oréal Paris, / 125 ml

The first time I used this, I gaped when I removed the makeup. So effective!

Damn how fast it goes. Same here, mild cleansing for eyes and lips, especially adapted for makeup that is waterproof or long lasting.

It is gentle without making the skin too oily.

Why do I love it?

Because it is small and flexible in the packaging (flat which goes down easily in the bag) and because it is so sickly effective!

For those who do not want oil search: Gentle Eye makeup remover

Shake the bottle well to mix the liquids and then clean the face with a cotton swab

4. Makeup Remover Pads Moisturizing, Andrea Eye-Q´s, / 65 Pads

My oldest partner in crime… and it’s my sister’s merit because she abuses Andrea Eye-Q’s Pads.

Moisturizing formula gently removes all makeup and helps to moisturize the skin around the eyes when cleaning.

The “pads” help prevent the appearance of fine lines around the sensitive skin areas of the eye. Leaves eyelashes soft and beautiful.

Why do I love it?

When I’m tired, when I’m lazy and when I have a lot of makeup on me… then these go ahead! It goes fast, it is uncomplicated but very oily! Contains 65 pads and it feels like they last like forever…

For those who do not want oil: Remover Non-oily pads
For you with very sensitive eyes: Ultra quick pads with Aloe vera

Open the jar and take out two pads! It’s that simple, haha. Remember not to throw these in the toilet only then! Without throwing in the trash! 😉

Frequently Asked Questions I usually get when choosing a good makeup remover:

1. What is Micellar Water for?

In short, it is a cleansing water with the ingredient micelles – fatty acids that can bind contaminants and dirt and thus gently remove them from the skin.

You can liken it to a magnet that attracts makeup and dirt from the skin surface. Mild and effective!

2. Which makeup remover is best for lens wearers?

I myself am a lens wearer and I try to be careful never to wash off the make-up when I have the lenses in… but it certainly happens!

Then it is important not to use an overly oily product as I hate when it gets oily on the lens (nightmare) So in the first place, use something oil-free!

3. What makeup remover should I use if I have lash extensions?

Same here. Skip oil as the oil can dissolve the glue on your lashes and tuft to the hair!

4. Is it really that bad to sleep with makeup on?

It is often said: Sleeping in makeup should be the exception, not the rule! Sleeping with makeup is no hit, babes!

It may not be visible now..but then! Sometimes it’s ok, it does not make a difference right away, but if you often get pimples and skin problems, it is a must to wash off the make-up so that the skin can breathe!

It’s just laziness, choose light simple products and wear out the routine !;)


Hope the tips on makeup removal and waterproof makeup were helpful!

I think it’s important to have a quick make-up removal routine, it’s so damn boring otherwise 🙂



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