How To Look Good Without Makeup – 12 Ways That Work!

How do you look good without makeup?

First of all, you should remove unwanted facial hair. Remember that adjusting eyebrows can improve the overall appearance of the eyes and give them a wonderful shape. At the same time take care of the unwanted mustache and hair on the chin. You can use tweezers or face wax. Then you need to stimulate blood circulation.

Everyone knows that clear skin is a woman’s best friend, and you can achieve this with a simple color-enhancing process that stimulates blood circulation. To do this, you need to gently pat your face with your palms.

Patting the skin improves blood circulation and gives the skin a healthy redness.

The third thing to remember is that dry skin never looks good, and therefore you should use a mild cream for best care and moisturizing.

Applying cream on the face can improve its appearance. Remember that the skin must not be too oily and heavy, because then the skin will have an unhealthy appearance.

Here are the 12 best – and simplest – tricks for you who want to look fit and fresh, without using makeup!

1. Exercise in the morning

It may feel wrong to get up an hour earlier than usual to look fit and fresh, but it actually helps. Exercise in the morning wakes up the whole body after the night’s rest and makes you look alert and fresh.

In addition, it starts your blood circulation, which gives wonderfully rosy cheeks.

2. Cold water

Using cold water to brighten up the face is an old trick that actually works. You will wake up and the cold water causes the blood vessels to constrict, which makes the skin look fresh.

Cold water also relieves swelling and redness of the face.

The water should not be lukewarm but really icy cold so that you shock the skin but the cold.

Washing your face with cold water can also help soothe swollen eyes.

3. Bet on color

Black clothes will neither make you more alert nor make you look much more alert. On the contrary, the risk is that they give dark shadows to your face.

Instead, choose colors that brighten up both your mood and your facial tones. If you have a cold skin tone, colors like blue, pink, purple, or teal make your face glow.

If you have a warm skin tone, yellow, orange, brown and off-white tones work wonders.

4. Eye patches – Get more alert eyes

When we are tired and worn out, it is most obvious around our eyes that they are swollen and have dark circles.

To make it less prominent, you can use eye patches that you store in the fridge to get a cooling effect. Eye patches moisturize the area around your eyes, soothe swelling and dark circles.

Let them sit under your eyes while you brush your teeth or eat breakfast and then gently pat the remaining gel with your ring fingers.

I use PIXI Vitamin C Family BeautifEYE Eye Patches which is my favorite when it comes to eye patches.

Own eye patches

If you want, you can make your own eye mask at home. What you need are cucumbers, water, blender and pads.

Mix the cucumber and put in a splash of water, then dip the pads in the cucumber juice and squeeze out the excess liquid.

Then put your cucumber pads in a freezer bag in the freezer.

Take out two pads in the morning and let them thaw a bit before putting them on your eyes for 10 minutes.

5. Get loose in jewelry!

Details do it all! So max out with jewelry and accessories.

It will give a fantastic overall impression! Choose a pair of earrings with stones in colors such as mint green, emerald or turquoise.

It reflects a lovely tone to your face and highlights your eyes. Such a good trick when you do not have the strength to put on make-up!

6. Moisturize

A dry skin can make you look both worn and tired. Therefore, it is important that you moisturize it morning and evening. Use a face cream that is adapted to your skin type.

If you are swollen and tired in the morning, you can use a moisturizing gel cream that you store in the fridge. Then you get a moisturizing face cream at the same time as it cools and soothes the swelling in the face.

I use Ole Henriksen Truth C-Rusch Brightening Gel Creme which both moisturizes and gives radiance to the skin.

The fact that the skin gets radiance and is moisturized makes you look less worn and tired. It gives a fresh and healthy impression.

7. Drink lots of water!

Kick start the day by drinking plenty of water and then stick to it throughout the day. Water moisturizes the body, which makes us feel more alert and look fresher.

8. Jade Roller – Relieves swelling

A jade roller is a face tool you can use if you feel swollen and tired in the face. A jade roller is a wonderful facial massage that starts the blood circulation in the face.

It gives you radiance to the skin and a smoother skin tone.

If you store the jade roller in the refrigerator, it will also give you a cooling effect in the morning, which helps to reduce swelling around the eyes and face.

You can use a jade roller together with your serum or face cream to massage into the skin while you get a nice facial massage.

9. Eat citrus fruits

Oranges, lemons and grapefruit are loaded with lots of wonderful vitamin C, which gives you energy and makes you look fit.

So be sure to add citrus fruits to your breakfast and bring an orange to work to eat for afternoon coffee.

10. Eye drops – Reduces redness in the eyes

Having red eyes makes you look both tired and worn out. Irritated and tired eyes itch when they are dry and therefore it is important to moisturize them.

You can do this with the help of eye drops that reduce eye redness but also lubricate them so that you avoid the itchy and gravelly feeling.

Clear Eyes are good eye drops that both reduce eye redness and moisturize the eyes so you avoid irritating and itchy eyes due to. of dryness.

11. Smile!

Happy people both look wonderful and make other people happy. Smile and laugh as much as you can.

Then it will not matter what you are wearing or how much vitamin C you have ingested during the day. You are guaranteed to look amazing!

12. Brown without sun – Look fresh

A simple trick to look fitter and fresher if you feel tired is to lubricate yourself in brown without sun.

It is easy to look tired and dull as autumn and winter approach and the tan from summer has begun to fade.

To maintain a nice and natural tan, lubricate yourself once or twice a week. It is enough to lubricate the face and neck as this is what is most visible during the colder months.

Why do I look so worn out without makeup?

It can be due to several things why you look worn and tired. The biggest reason is poor sleep but also your lifestyle how you live it.

Coffee and alcohol dry out the body, which means that you can look worn out, even a dry skin makes you look tired and dull.

Poor sleep

We have all slept badly at one time or another over a long period of time due to various reasons. If you sleep poorly for a long time, it can leave its mark and make you look worn out over time.

Especially during the toddler years, we can look worn out as sleep is not something to be reckoned with and there is a lot of coffee drinking.

Poor sleep can also be due to the fact that you have a lot of thoughts and ponder a lot about certain things that make you stressed.

To counteract stress, you can start with a calm yoga form to get down in laps or drink a soothing tea in the evening.

Try to unwind and avoid eating anything just before going to bed it will make you alert.

Coffee and alcohol

Both coffee and alcohol dry out our body, which results in us being able to look swollen in the face in the morning.

Do you know that you are going on something special the next day, so avoid drinking any of this the night before. Instead, drink plenty of water during the day.

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, you will look tired and worn out even if you are not. What a dry skin radiates is dullness.

To avoid dry skin, you need to moisturize it morning and evening, get a moisturizing face cream that is adapted to your skin type.

Avoid too much coffee and alcohol as it dries out the body but also the skin. Drink lots of water! Another thing that can help with dry skin is a moisturizing face mask that you apply in the evening.

Summary – Look less worn without makeup

To look less worn without makeup, you can hide it with small tricks such as washing your face in cold water as it refreshes you and the skin, you can use eye patches if you have swollen eyes that need to be dampened.

Other good things to do if you look tired and worn out are to lubricate yourself in tan without sun.

To hide fatigue quickly, you can use makeup. Then a concealer, blush and highlighter will be the saviors in need.

If you want to completely remove the focus from your tired eyes, focus on your lips instead with the help of a colorful lipstick.


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