How To Get Rid of Yellow hair? – Step by Step Guide!

How do you get rid of yellow hair?

Whether you are blonde or have brown hair that is bleached, those warm and yellow tones have a tendency to come forward after a while, I myself have been through it.

So how do you get rid of yellow hair?

You get rid of yellow hair with silver shampoo or silver wraps. The violet color in a silver shampoo softens the yellow and warm in the hair, which gives the hair a cooler and ashier shade.

Get rid of yellow hair quickly with silver shampoo – 5 easy steps!

Before we start, I list everything you need for your silver shampoo treatment.

To get rid of yellow hair you need:

  • Regular shampoo
  • Silver shampoo
  • Plastic gloves
  • Towel
  • Hair wrap
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1. Wash your hair

Start by washing your hair with your regular shampoo to get rid of dirt and grease from your hair.

2. Twist out the hair

Twist the hair so that it is no longer wet but moist.

3. Apply silver shampoo

Take a big click of your silver shampoo and apply to the hair. Apply it gently to the hair and avoid getting it on the scalp as it can make the scalp look purple.

Before you click out the silver shampoo, put on a pair of plastic gloves. Otherwise your hands may turn purple.

4. Let the silver shampoo work

Let the shampoo sit in the hair for about 3 minutes (always read what is on the packaging what applies to your particular silver shampoo).

If the hair feels very dry, you can let the silver shampoo sit for a shorter time (because dry hair absorbs the color from the silver shampoo faster).

If you have the shampoo for too long, there is a risk that your hair will turn purple.

5. Rinse

Now it’s time to rinse your hair. Silver shampoo can dry out the hair, so it is important that you finish with a hair wrap.

6. Done!

Now you have got rid of the yellow tones in your hair!

Repeat this 1-2 times a week to maintain a cool tone in the hair. If you use silver shampoo too often, the hair can get purple tones.

The hair turns yellow with time

Something that many do not think about is that all hair turns yellow over time. This means that if you have dyed your hair long enough, your warm underlying pigments will appear.

There is no color that lives permanently in the hair. The fact that hair turns yellow over time is due to a lot of different factors, and most of them we do not even manage.

For example, hair turns yellow just by going out on a sunny day.

Since the sun’s rays together with the air create an oxidation in the hair, in other words it becomes a very, very weak bleaching.

The hair turned yellow at the hairdresser?!

Just because the hairdresser applies a bleach does not mean that the hairdresser will also encounter these hot pigments.

The hair turns yellow from all chemical products, regardless of who puts it in or which brand is used. The difference is hopefully that the hairdresser knows what it is doing!

The hairdresser should know when the bleaching should be rinsed and what shade you should apply to get it nice!

However, keep in mind that if you are going from a black color to a blonde color, you will not escape the fact that the hair goes through a so-called “warm stage”.

It’s almost inevitable. On the other hand, you can get a color that is acceptable and fully acceptable even if it did not become as cold and blonde as you want.

Can you bleach yellow hair?

Yes, you can bleach your hair even more to get rid of the yellow, but remember that bleaching wears on the hair, so be careful or let a hairdresser do it.

Bleaching removes the yellow while a tint / wrap hides the yellow for the moment.

Why does the hair turn yellow?

The reason why hair turns yellow is because we all have hot pigments in our hair. Therefore, the hair feels yellow when a shade or toning disappears or fades out.

However, these hot pigments are difficult to get rid of completely, not even with a good bleach can you get rid of these pigments to 100%. But a bleach can remove most of it and a silver shampoo can help soften it.

How to get yellow hair cooler? (ashier)

A silver shampoo will remove the yellow and warm tones, which makes your hair colder (ashier).

If you do not want an ashy tone on your hair, there are hair wraps with beige (cold) colors that you can use. Then the hair becomes a little darker but also colder, but it removes the yellow in the hair.

I think the color packaging from Revlon and Maria Nila is good. And I have used both silver packaging and those with more beige tones.

How to get rid of the yellow in gray hair?

If you have gray hair with yellow elements, you can use a silver conditioner or silver wrap as it is gentler on the hair than a silver shampoo. A gray hair is but more delicate than a non-gray hair.

A silver shampoo is more effective but dries out the hair, while a silver conditioner is caring but not as effective and can be used after each hair wash.

Another option is to visit the hairdresser who can bleach the yellow with a gentle hair bleaching.

Does a color bomb work against yellow hair?

Yes it does. It’s the same as a silver wrap but with a different name. A color bomb is like a very light toning that sits in a few washes. It is also gentle on the hair as it moisturizes.

If you want a color bomb against yellow hair, you should choose the one that is violet to dampen the yellow and warm tones in the hair.

A color bomb only works on already bleached hair. If you use it on uncolored hair, there will be no difference.

What is nuance?

A shade is a toning that is applied to the hair after e.g. a bleaching or coloring to even out the color of the hair and soften strong contrasts or yellow tones.

A shade is also gentler on your hair than a coloring as it does not wear as much.

The shade will slow down over time so hairdressers usually recommend that you book a new time after 6-8 weeks to maintain the tone of the hair. However, it is not a must but is done only if needed.

I myself think it is easier to maintain a bleached hair with a silver wrap every other week so I do not have to visit the hairdresser for tinting.

Get rid of yellow tones with apple cider vinegar

Many people talk about apple cider vinegar getting rid of yellow tones in the hair, but I can not give an honest answer to that.

I have tested once but have not seen any direct difference, moreover it does not smell so good.

What is said is that they should soften the yellow in the hair, but not as effectively as a silver shampoo.

Although it is natural to use apple cider vinegar in the hair, I do not run with it myself as I said I did not see any results, but also due. of the scent.

Wrapping and hair mask

When it comes to hair wraps or hair masks, it is the same here as with silver shampoo. It is great to use products that have purple / blue pigments and are there to remove the unwanted yellow in the hair.

Here it is important to invest in products that are not only good at having good pigments, but it is at least as important that you make sure that the wrap, or the hair mask, you use is caring for worn and dry hair.

There are variants that are good for both, but then you have to reckon with the fact that it costs a little more.

What you should remember, however, is that it is worth it many times over – a healthy hair is never something you say no to!

Wear gloves when washing hair with silver shampoo

Some silver shampoos can discolour when washing your hair. Depending on how much you get annoyed at it, you may need gloves or not. Some do not care much while others always wear gloves.

It is not in this way that the purple / blue stays for a long time, but it may take a few hand washes before it disappears.

It’s good to be aware of it just so you do not get annoyed when it happens.

Pigment wraps and yellow hair

As I have mentioned earlier, it is usually due to external factors that the hair turns yellow.

Something that helps and counteracts yellow hair is to perform a substantial pigment wrap about once a month to freshen up the hair tone and to clean the hair from product residues and dirt particles.

Feel free to avoid heating tools

It is wise to think about caring for your hair more when you have bleached / blonde hair. One of the things you can skip is to use heating and styling tools.

If you do not want it, the hair will wear extremely much if you both bleach and curl, blow dry and more.

Letting your hair dry itself is good, so try to do it. Another thing that is smart is to take care not to do a lot of things with your hair, for example on lazy Sundays.

Take the opportunity to do both hair wrapping, face mask and more at the same time on the days you just have to relax around at home.

Then you do not have to think about the hair being styled, but then you can leave it as it is. It does not wear anything on your hair at all and it deserves the hair!

From dark hair to blonde – a real challenge

For those who have very pigment-rich hair, ie those who have black or brown hair, it is a really big challenge to fix a nice blonde shade on the hair.

In cases where you bleach a light hair and then continue bleaching, the hair always gets orange tones before it becomes light.

In these cases, the hair also turns yellow and if the man continues to bleach further, you simply lose the hair.

Going from dark-haired to completely blonde is thus a big challenge that really wears on the hair and it is far from always the end result as you yourself have wished.

This is virtually completely impossible to do at home if you want to get it nice and at the same time be right about your hair, but instead you should blonde yourself at a hairdresser.

The easiest way is of course to accept the natural hair color that you already have and work on coloring the hair according to these conditions.

If you still want a blonde look, in most cases several different treatments are required at the hairdresser and once you have got the blonde shade you want, additional and regular pigment care is required at home.

Sun holiday – not so successful for blonde hair

Both sun and salty baths are bad for all hair and bleached hair suffers in particular from this.

It is important that you make sure you protect your hair when you are in the sun, so remember to wear a hat or similar.

It’s actually cool, so it’s hardly boring to have to wear a hat, right?

Air pollution and hair

Various forms of air pollution are also a crucial and significant factor when it comes to the condition of your hair.

Unfortunately, the air around us is in most cases very polluted nowadays. So whether you live in a small town or in a big city, your hair is exposed daily to stress.

A tip here may be that during e.g. long walks or outdoor workouts use a hat or something else to protect your hair, to minimize exposure to air pollutants.

Summary – How to get rid of yellow hair

To get rid of yellow hair, use silver shampoo for best and fastest results. It also works with silver wraps and silver conditioner.

The violet found in silver shampoo neutralizes the yellow in the hair and gives the hair a cooler tone. Remember not to use it too often or to massage it into the scalp. It can give a purple tone to the hair and a purple scalp.

Always wear gloves when applying silver shampoo as it will discolour.


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