How To Get Fuller Cheeks With Makeup – 6 Step Guide!

How to get fuller cheeks with makeup?

You get fuller cheeks by doing a contouring of the face. And thus shape your face and cheeks. Apply blush on the cheekbone to make your cheeks look rounder and fuller. It’s about fooling the eye and creating an illusion.

Having plump cheeks gives the impression of a youthful and livelier appearance. Who does not want it? Over the years, the cheeks can sink down a bit which is completely normal and it happens to everyone. But you can actually cheat on fuller cheeks without having to do any surgery.

Get fuller cheeks without fillers – Step by step guide!

In this step by step guide, I will tell you how you can get plump cheeks without using fillers. All you need is contouring palette, blush, highlighter and setting spray.

You do this after applying your foundation.

1. Contouring

Start by contouring your face. You do this by shading parts of the face and to emphasize the shape of the face. That way, you can create the illusion of plump cheeks.

Use matte brown tones, preferably in the gray direction. Start by contouring under the cheekbone, it gives a shadow that makes the cheekbone clearer and therefore looks like it pops out a little more.

Use a narrow and compact makeup brush when applying contouring and be light on your hand. Then continue to contour the rest of the face at the forehead, jaw line and nose.

Contour palettes are available for purchase at most stores where makeup is sold.

2. Tone out

When you have applied the contour, it is important that you tone it out so that there are no sharp edges. A contouring should barely be visible.

You tone out the contouring / shadows with the help of a fluffier make-up brush.

3. Rouge

Now it’s time to apply your blush. By knowing what face shape you have, it will be easier to know where on the cheek you should apply blush.

Applying the blush in the right place does a lot to lift a face and give fuller cheeks.

Different face shapes:

  • Oval face – Apply the blush on the cheekbones to lift the face.
  • Round face – Apply blush further back on the face and obliquely upwards, it gives the impression of a narrower face. If you want the cheeks to look fuller, apply the blush on the cheekbone.
  • Square face – If you have a square face, apply the blush on the front of the cheekbone to soften the hard edges of the face.
  • Heart-shaped face – Here you should avoid having blush on the cheekbones, it makes the cheekbones less prominent, apply instead just below the cheekbone.
  • Oblong face – Apply the blush in a straight line backwards from the cheekbone, it gives the impression of a more oval face.

As a rule, do not apply blush near the nose, but always place the index and middle fingers between the nose and the cheek.

Apply the blush with light movements. It is better to have too little color on the brush to start with and then build up the color.

4. Apply highlighter

Once you have contoured and applied blush, it’s time to apply highlighter. A highlighter will lift your face.

Apply highlighter on the high parts of your face. Here it is important that you apply to your cheekbones a little above where you applied the blush.

It will make your cheekbones clearer which makes it lift your face.

5. Fix the makeup

The last step to get fuller cheeks is to make it last all day / evening is to fix it with setting spray.

A setting spray means that everything is mixed nicely and that the make-up does not run off during the day without it being in place.

6. Ready!

So now you’re done! You have lifted your face and got fuller cheeks with the help of makeup alone.

Train your facial muscles for fuller cheeks

Over the years, everything is pulled down, even our cheeks, but you can prevent it by doing small simple face exercises.

Our face has a lot of muscles and just like with the body, you can train these muscles. In this case, make sure that your cheeks are lifted.

Exercise that lifts your cheeks

Put two fingers under the cheekbone (in the crease between the cheek and the upper lip) put a light pressure with the fingers there and smile as much as you can.

If you do it right, you will feel that it will be like a resistance for your cheek muscles when you smile. Do this 10 times 3 times a week.

This exercise trains your muscles that sit in the cheeks and this in turn makes the cheeks fuller and does not sag as they can easily do over the years.

3 Tips to get fuller cheeks without makeup (Natural)

1. Mask with avocado and honey

This well-known home remedy is really easy to do. You already know that avocados are astringent and moisturizing.

It helps you get a more toned and moisturized skin by nourishing it, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles and gives the muscles the building blocks they need to function well.

All you need to do is dig out the pulp from half an avocado and add two tablespoons of honey. Mix well and apply this cream on your cheeks for 15 minutes.

It is perfect to do this just before bedtime. After the mask has been on for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. It’s really effective.

2. Mask with yogurt and aloe vera

This is a very nutritious cure used by many women. Natural yogurt in combination with aloe vera works as an excellent tightening cream and therefore it is well worth starting every day with it.

To prepare it, pour four tablespoons of plain yogurt into a bowl and then add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Use a spoon to mix the ingredients until you get a smooth cream.

It is very easy to use. Apply it on the face with a brush and let it work for 20 minutes. You will notice that it adheres well to the skin. After 20 minutes, you can remove it with water.

You will immediately feel that you have a much smoother complexion. If you do this every day, you will step by step begin to strengthen and lift your drooping cheeks.

3. Eat and drink properly

Your diet choices are reflected on your exterior.

Keep in mind that fluid retention will make your cheeks look puffy, and that the weight differences will have a long-term effect on your metabolism and your skin, which will eventually have a sagging and flabby appearance.

All this can be avoided by following a natural cleansing diet with juice of grapefruit, orange and strawberries – an excellent drink for both cleansing and detoxification of the body.

We know that it is difficult to let go of them sometimes, but you will notice that if you limit the consumption of sweets and pastries, it will be felt on your health and your skin.

You should instead increase the amount of salads, fiber, nuts and vegetable protein in your meals as these are especially important for strengthening muscles.

When you lose weight, the skin can easily become sagging and therefore you should always take care of the facial muscles to keep them strong and well nourished, something that you facilitate when you eat foods rich in vegetable proteins.

And do not forget to stay well hydrated. This detoxifies the body and helps your organs function better.

Summary – Fuller cheeks

With simple means and tricks, you can create fuller cheeks and a lift in the face without making any intervention. All that is needed is makeup, contouring, blush and highlighter.

By emphasizing the features of the face and reshaping it with the help of shading and how to apply blush, you can change your face shape so that it looks narrower, fuller or longer.


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