How to Create Volume In Hair – 10 Ways That Actually Work!

How do you create volume in hair?

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner products that are specially adapted to build volume. They often have a lighter and slightly drying effect, which means that the hairs do not become quite as flat and oily. Follow up with volumizing styling products, such as mousse or hair lotion.

10 quick volume tips – get your dream volume in no time!

Tired of flat and dull hair that never reaches the volume heights you dream of? Calm down, you can actually get the shape of the most stubborn (and heavy) hairs.

Here is everything you need to know!

1. Prepare correctly

How to get more volume in the hair? The road to more volume in your hair starts already when you shower.

Therefore, it is important that you wash your hair with a dry shampoo that is specially adapted to give the hair more volume.

Volume-boosting dry shampoo has become an important addition for many who have thin hair.

Namely, they absorb oil from the scalp, which means that the hairs do not become as heavy and fall flat against the head.

At the same time as they also contain small molecules that settle on the hair so that it becomes lighter.

If you have really dry or worn hair, it can be a good idea to use your regular, caring shampoo and instead invest in volume-giving styling products.

2. Dry your hair upside down

An old trick, which actually works, is to add a little extra volume by blow-drying the hair upside down. Dry your hair as usual until it is almost completely dry.

Then you tilt your head forward, so that all the hair hangs down to the floor. Then blow dry the entire hair in this way.

When you feel ready, lift your head through and fix the hairstyle with your fingers, without ruining your volume.

3. Cheat with heat

Did you think that curling irons and heating coils were just there to create luxurious curls? On the contrary, if you use them properly, they can fix volume in your hair.

If you have curling irons, use the largest nozzle you have. If you use heating coils, the largest coils apply. The bigger the better.

Curl or roll up your hair as usual. When the hair has cooled slightly, comb out the large curls and vips, volume!

4. How to get volume in the hair without products?

Picking out the tupping comb is actually the fastest and easiest way to the dream volume. Take a comb and rock it back and forth in the hair roots so that the hairs rise.

When you feel happy with the volume, comb through your hair as usual but avoid your tufting on the scalp.

For extra durability, strengthen with hair spray near the scalp.

5. Invest in volume powders

If you have never used a dry shampoo, which is sometimes also called volume powder, it is really time to start with it now.

It is available in both spray and powder form and is applied to the scalp and then rubbed out.

The product conjures away oily areas and makes the hair powdery and rough, which makes it super easy to “bur” or tuber up the hair to the volume you want.

Volume powders and dry shampoos are available in both budget variants and more expensive versions.

6. Be smart about how you use packaging

You probably already know that your hair needs a dose of hydration from time to time. This is especially true if you use a lot of styling products and heating tools.

However, applying a moisturizing wrap and expecting a mega volume can be a difficult combination.

Most wraps settle as a film on your hair strands, which admittedly makes the hair feel softer and more comfortable, but also weighs down the hair strands.

And with heavy hairs, it is difficult to get a feather-light volume that lasts. Opt for a special volume-wrapping wrap or skip the volume dreams on the days your hair needs to be moisturized.

7. Style correctly

Acquiring volume-giving styling products is the first step, but did you know that many of us actually use our styling products completely wrong – which results in us not getting the results we are looking for at all.

For example, your volume mousse should mainly be applied to the scalp to make the hairs swell and get bigger.

And spraying all over the hair in the belief that it will build volume is just stupid, rather spray in the hair roots to “lift” the hair.

8. Massage your hair

A thick and healthy hair needs blood flow to the scalp. When we massage the hair, we help the hair follicles to oxygenate and absorb nutrients, which gives the hair more volume.

Therefore, a good tip to get more volume in your hair is to massage your head daily for four minutes.

During the hair massage, you make small circulating and kneading movements with your fingertips so that you feel the scalp move.

Make it a daily routine – And keep in mind that it takes a couple of months before you see the results!

9. Make your hair look thicker

By having a dark thinned hair against a light scalp, the light parts increase. Therefore, you can hide the thin areas by applying color that is in the same tone as your hair.

You can do this by using a root concealer which is a color pigment in spray form, which is actually there to hide growth between the colors.

10. Protect your hair from the sun

The sun can really contribute to the hair becoming tired, flat and lifeless.

Hardly properties we want to get more volume in the hair – Therefore, make sure to protect your hair with a hat and water-repellent sunscreen when it is warm and sunny outside.

My 8 best texture sprays for volume in hair

My love for texture spray

Privately, I have always spent a lot of time on my hair and been careful to take care of it.

Since I have absolutely straight hair, with thin (but many) hairs, it has always been important with volume for me and therefore I have always liked to work with texture spray.

Texture spray has become a natural part of my everyday hair routine and I think it makes such a huge difference!

All texture sprays I use can be found on so I teamed up with them in a collaboration before this post!

What is a texture spray?

A texture spray is a dry spray that you can use on everything from the roots to the lengths to create a “salt water effect” that builds volume in the hair without weighing it down.

It is also used to create a little more durable looks as the surface becomes a little rougher and ensures that the volume comes into focus.

What is the difference between a texture spray and a dry shampoo?

A dry shampoo is mainly used as a “dry shampoo” that is sprayed on the hair (scalp) between the hair washers to avoid having to wash it so often.

Dry shampoo should “absorb” the oil from the scalp and freshen the hair. A texture spray should not soak up any oil but is focused on volume and texture!

How to use a texture spray?

The texture spray is applied to dry hair and works best if you spray the hair a little lightly from below.

Throw all hair forward, spray at a distance of about 15 cm and focus mainly on the lengths but also some in the roots.

A tip is to apply with short presses and do not hold the spray button for too long as you can easily run out of too much.

Texture spray – in dry hair

If you want to go straight from a straight hair to a bouncy, it is a volume spray or a texture spray that is the secret.

When the hair is completely freshly styled / straight, this is a must if you want volume and texture as the spray helps to “shit down” the hair, which gives a naturally messy feeling.

Tips on my favorites:

1. Russian Amber Imperial Insta-Thick | Philip B

Philip B has made a super impression on me during the year and has really impressed when it comes to both quality and results.

This racker is just one of my favorites from the range as it is very effective. It acts as a “hair thickening spray” and makes the hair large and airy.

The scent feels very “green” which is due to the natural ingredients (extracts from chamomile, comfrey, rosehip and fists) and is extra gentle on the scalp.

2. Dry Texturizing spray | Oribe

One of my all time favorites that I showed off healthy on social media. A dry invisible hair spray that creates awesome volume and sexy structure.

Contains patented polymers that both absorb fat at the hair root but also give a fantastic tufted feeling! Many have tried to “copy” it but no one manages to get it exactly like this!

Without a doubt my favorite !! The signature scent, which is a bit unisex, is so popular that it has also been developed as a perfume!

3. Bedroom. Hair | Kevin Murphy

Dry spray that gives a slightly powdery feeling while giving texture and stability to the entire hair for an “unfixed look”.

It really gives reason for the name and I actually found it because of the scent when I visited a salon a year ago where someone used it in the same room.

I fell head over heels! It contains a trio of natural ingredients (white tea extract, sunflower seeds & ginger extract) and makes the hair soft and supple.

4. JBF Volume Dry Finishing spray | Martinsson King

This is a novelty that I found through my hairdressing salon! So affordable as I think the quality is extremely good!

It is recommended to be applied from half length to the hair ends and gives volume deluxe. In addition, the entire Martinsson King series has a slightly lighter and fresher scent than the others.

If you do not like those unisex scents with stitches, I would choose this as the scent is reminiscent of a freshly washed scent!

Love this for everyday but there is also a “harder” variant called texture if you want the same effect as Bedroom!

Texture spray – in damp hair

If you want the feeling of texture and structure immediately after washing, you can choose to work in a mousse-like texture spray in damp hair and then blow-dry the same result.

I usually do this in combination with the above and then I alternate between these:

Tips on my favorites right now:

5. Surf Foam Spray Blow | Bumble and Bumble

A very thin and new favorite that I found at the salon thanks to the salon manager. Was amazed at how much volume it really gave even though it feels very light!

It is described as containing “some mousse” (but much lighter) and “some salt water spray” (but less rough).

Gives a lot of structure when blow-drying and the hair becomes really fluffy and the hair smells like a fresh sea breeze for real!

6. Sprays & Oils SAIL Soft Wave Spray | R + Co

I have also used this for many years and it is a bit reminiscent of the one above but gives a slightly thicker feeling.

The one above becomes more rough and fluffy. However, this is optimal if you also want to create soft waves or other naturally messy hairstyles with shine and suppleness!

Spray it on dry or towel-dried hair and squeeze the hair in small waves with your fingers. Let self-dry or blow dry with a blow dryer! The result will be super nice!

7. Gutz 10 Volumizing Spray Foam – Redken

This one has hung with me for over 10 years and was actually my first variant of texture spray.

This is truly a root lifter for the scalp and I always have it at home! I use it mainly when I want an extremely durable volume at the bottom and when I want to curl my hair in the lengths.

Sometimes I combine and run this at the bottom and one of the others in the lengths. Shake well before use and blow dry it with a large round brush!

8. Root Lifter | Vision Haircare

This is also a cruel root lifter that does great when drying. In addition, it maintains good quality despite a slightly lower price.

Contains plenty of heat protection and sun protection that is suitable for all types of hair.

The scent feels a bit melon-inspired and is a little extra good for you who like to use straighteners. Use sparingly!

How do hair volume products work?

How do all these hair volume products on the market work to create the effect you are looking for?

It’s all about their chemical composition and the knowledge of which ingredients to mix together to give the best hair volume.

Most hair volume products work by creating a kind of membrane of nutrients around each hair strand.

This helps the hairs to feel and look thicker by dealing with the common problems of bulky, fine hair, such as accumulations of oil and sebum, dryness and weak cortex in your hairs.

Hair volume products such as volume spray create an extra charter to actually lift your hair from the scalp, creating a look with more hair volume.

Some types of volume sprays also contain special ingredients that give the hair a positively charged ion.

To put it simply, this charge makes it possible to achieve even more lift and weightlessness.

What should a good hair spray contain?

There are volume sprays in many different forms. There is generally talk of two types of volume spray:

  • Hair spray without aerosol: based on natural components with larger particles and medium stability. Aerosol volume spray is a liquid product, usually in a bottle with a pump.
  • Hair spray with aerosol: based on synthetic polymer or plasticizer with smaller particles and strong stability. An aerosol volume spray is contained in a pressure vessel where a release valve is used to dispense the compressed air-filled suspension into a mist using propellant.

For many years, aerosol hair sprays were standard, but in recent years, aerosol-free volume sprays have increased in popularity.

The increase is largely due to the fact that they do not harm the environment in the same way as volume sprays with aerosol do, as the latter contain chlorofluorocarbons.

If you really care about the health of your hair, it should come as no surprise that I generally recommend avoiding aerosol hair sprays.

It’s a good rule of thumb, and your hair will thank you in the future.

When looking for a good volume spray (or other good hair volume products for that matter!), You should check to see exactly how many of the key main ingredients they contain.

The better the mix of ingredients, the more hair volume you will get!

What are some of the most important ingredients in a volume spray?

1. Moisturizing ingredients

Ingredients that fall into the category of moisturizers, such as xylityl glucoside, anhydroxylitol, glucose, glycerin, betaine, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein can be very important additives in a volume spray.

Moisturizing ingredients are important as they help the hair retain moisture, which can help boost hair volume.

They can be sugar-based such as glucose or glycerin, or even be plant-based. In general, moisturizing ingredients allow the hair to absorb more moisture, which is crucial in reducing dry, frizzy and bulky hair.

The following should be some of the key ingredients you will find in a volume spray.

2. Copolymer and polymer

It is copolymer and other polymers such as VP / VA copolymer and xanthan gum that give a good volume spray its characteristic stability.

These compounds block the hair from absorbing excess moisture, which helps maintain its style.

When used properly, it can lift the hair from the scalp and result in more hair volume.

Since polymer is a synthetic ingredient derived from petroleum, it is important to make sure that the volume spray you choose has lots of natural and nourishing ingredients to ensure that your hair will both feel and look healthy and strong.

The dosage of polymer differs very much between different volume sprays. Water-based volume sprays usually contain a smaller amount compared to alcohol-based sprays.

3. Ingredients that promote the scalp

Ingredients such as juices from aloe vera, acai and green mint oil play a crucial role in maintaining good scalp health, which in turn boosts hair volume.

When you are looking for a new volume spray, you should check the list of ingredients to find naturally derived additives such as acai, aloe vera and other ingredients to ensure that the product is good for your scalp as well.

You can find both acai and aloe vera in our Sea Mineral Wave Spray which is a salt water spray for the hair that creates volume, texture and light strength.

Having a healthy scalp is not only important for the general health of your hair, it also plays a big role in gaining hair volume.

When you use many products, they tend to accumulate in your scalp, which in turn weighs down your hair.

Taking good care of your scalp reduces such accumulations, resulting in a more shiny and fuller hair with more hair volume.


If you (like many of us) were not directly blessed with that plump hair you see in movie stars and models, do not give up hope.

Even though it is very true that you should feel beautiful as you are, we all want to give your hair an extra boost from time to time.

And even if you have to live with fine hair, there are so many ways to get the hair volume you always wanted!

No matter how you do it to get volume in your hair and whether you achieve it through a volume spray with the right ingredients, a new hair care routine, or through a combination of the two, it’s easier than ever to get beautiful, voluminous hair with a natural look.



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