How to Bend The Eyelashes? – Step-by-Step Guide

How to bend the eyelashes?

You bend your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Start at the bottom of the lash root, keep the bend for too long and a little loose than too short and hard, this will prevent you from wearing on the lashes. Then move it a few millimeters out on the fringe and bend again.

Apply a waterproof mascara after you have bent them, it keeps the lashes curled better than a regular mascara that is not waterproof.

Bending the lashes with an eyelash curler makes you open your eye and make you look more alert and awake. A super simple trick for a more lively look. But sometimes it can be that the lashes fold again and that the bend does not last.

I myself have straight lashes and have a hard time getting my lashes to stay curved. I will give you my best tips on how to get the perfect bend on the lashes and how to make them last all day.

Bend your lashes in 5 steps

With my step by step guide, I hope you get a really nice bend on your lashes that will last all day.

1. Dry lashes

Make sure you do not have any cream or oil on the lashes, it will make them harder to bend. Do you have e.g. got foundation or concealer on the lashes, I always take a small brush with fixing powder and dab over the lashes.

The powder absorbs the oily that lies on the lashes. Powder also makes your lashes look fuller later when you apply mascara.

2. Use heat to bend your lashes

To really make the lash bend last, I usually take a hair blow and blow on the eyelash curler for a few seconds. Let it cool a bit first so it is not hot when you put it against the lashes.

3. Start from the inside

Start by bending your lashes from the lash root (be careful not to pinch your eyelid). Then move the eyelash curler a few millimeters outwards and bend the eyelash again. Avoid bending right on the fringe top it will give you an unnatural bend inwards.

By doing this, your lashes will stay bent all day and you will get a nice bend instead of a straight bend. A straight bend easily loses the bend during the day.

Tip! It is easier to bend the lashes if you look down when you bend them.

4. Avoid wear on the lashes

To avoid tearing your lashes when you bend them, it is better that you hold the bend longer than that you bend too hard and for a short while. That way, you wear less on the lashes.

5. Fix the fringe bend

So! Now you have curved lashes. To really make the lashes last all day, it is good to apply some form of mascara or a gel mascara that fixes the lashes.

From my own experience, I know that it is waterproof mascara that will make the lashes really curved all day. A non-waterproof mascara can feel heavy and softer, which means that the lashes can lose their shape.

Of course, it all depends on how your own lashes are and behave. I have very straight lashes and it is only waterproof mascara that works for me.

A waterproof mascara is a little drier in texture and there is also waterproof mascara for volume to keep the lashes in place even better.

How to use an eyelash curler?

You use an eyelash curler by placing your lashes in the eyelash curler. You hold the lash curler in your thumb and forefinger. Once you have placed your lashes in the lash curler, squeeze it with your fingers.

But be careful it is easy to pinch the eyelid so do not squeeze too hard or too fast, it can tear your lashes.

How to bend eyelashes with a spoon?

Depending on the size of your eyes, you can use either a teaspoon or a tablespoon. Start by warming up the spoons between your fingers.

This is a simple trick to bend your lashes without lash curlers.

How to use:

  • Place the spoon with the back against the eyelid
  • Lay the edge of the spoon as close to the lash root as you can
  • Take the thumb and press / tighten the lashes gently with the thumb against the spoon (you should have the lashes between the edge of the spoon and the thumb)

With the help of the heat of the thumb, it gives you a bend that lasts better and you can feel where on the fringe you are so that you do not press too hard or too close to your eye. Can be a little difficult in the beginning before you get into the technology.

I post a video below how to bend the lashes with a spoon.

4 common mistakes when bending the eyelashes

There are mistakes many of us make or have made when bending our eyelashes. I go through the most common 4 mistakes and why we should not make them.

1. Bend the lashes with mascara on

You should never bend your lashes when you have mascara on. If you bend them with a wet mascara on, you will get mascara everywhere, it will be sticky and you will not get any bend. If you bend the lashes when the mascara has dried, there is a risk that your lashes will break off.

2. Do not change the silicone pad in the lash bend

The silicone pillow that sits in the lash bend is there to protect your lashes. It gets tired with time. If it is worn, it will not be able to protect your lashes and in the western case it can cause the lashes to fall off.

3. Bend the lashes in one place

Bending the lashes only in one place means that you get an L shape on the lashes, ie a fold. This is also the reason why the bend does not last that long.

4. Use regular mascara

You use a regular mascara. What makes your lashes hold a good bend all day is a waterproof mascara. An ordinary mascara easily becomes heavy and makes the lashes lose the bend more easily.

Is it dangerous to bend the eyelashes?

No it is not dangerous to bend your eyelashes. The only thing that can happen if you do it the wrong way is that you can tear your lashes or they will fall off.

That they can quit is not fun to be a part of, but they are growing again. But it takes time.

The biggest reason they go off is, as I mentioned before, that you bend the lashes with mascara on.

Curved eyelashes permanently

You can do a lash lift at the salon. It is a permanent eyelash bend that makes your lashes hold the bend even after you have showered. A permanent eyelash bend lasts for about 6-12 weeks depending on your lash cycle.

When you do a lash lift, they bend the lashes with small coils that fit your lash length, then apply a kind of permanent paint. Usually, coloring of your lashes is also included in this treatment.

If you get the product in the eye, it can sting, but it is not dangerous. You just get a little red in the eye.

Doing a lash lift is a perfect option if you want a natural look without doing a lash extension. It gives you a lively look and open look, in addition, it makes the lashes look longer and fuller.

10 tricks that make your eyelashes look longer

1. Bending the lashes before applying mascara can give the effect of longer lashes!

But be careful, do not bend hard, rather bend for a long time! Never bend after you have painted mascara, it can cause the lashes to fall off.

Do you think it is tricky to get a lasting result? Try drying the eyelash curler for a few seconds so that it becomes a little lukewarm, the heat can help to get permanently curled lashes!

2. Feel free to buy an extra brush for your mascara.

Using a small brush can help you if your problem is reaching the small lashes in the corner of the eye!

Buy an extra dense brush if you want more volume or buy one with long straws to get more defined and “well-combed” lashes.

3. Be careful next to the lash root

Work with the mascara brush in zigzag movements and then pull a long pull out towards the lash tops.

This gives you more mascara next to the root, which gives more volume and blackness to your lashes, at the tops you should pull the brush straight out so that the lashes do not stick together to the cobwebs. (If you’re not looking for that, of course.)

4. The noisy cling on the eyelid that makes you lose focus…

The fact that there are ugly black spots on your eyelid when you apply mascara can be really noisy. Avoid this by holding a spoon against the skin.

Now you can access the brush as many times as you like: the cloth ends up on the spoon!

You can continue to paint undisturbed until the lashes have reached perfection and the spoons can be washed!

5. Sometimes it can be worth washing the mascara brush, even if the mascara is not finished!

It can become lumpy from dried mascara in the brush or lashes that have come loose and stuck in the brush!

So clean the brush from time to time when you notice that the result is no longer what you want. It could be the culprit in the drama!

6. Do not have a single thick layer of mascara.

It is better to put on more thin layers and build up volume and length instead of sticking in a thick and sticky layer. This usually leads to the mascara not drying properly, then it tends to smear under the eye instead…

7. Is the mascara thick in texture?

It can then be difficult to get a little mascara on the brush at a time. In that case, screw the cap firmly on the mascara and rinse it in warm tap water for a short while, it makes the formula looser and more fluid, which means you get a smaller amount in the brush at a time.

8. Do not forget the “back”!

You probably paint your lashes from below, so you pull the brush from root to top on the underside, but do not forget to also lower your gaze, look slightly downwards and pull with the mascara brush on the top of the lashes.

It can give a more comprehensive and well-painted impression! It may take a little practice but it’s worth it!

9. A tip if you want to add volume is to paint a thin layer of mascara on the lashes.

Then take a clean mascara brush and dip it in loose powder, dry shampoo or similar.

Dab off excess powder so you do not get too much (then it can end up in the eye), then paint gently with the powdered brush on the lashes.

Let dry for a while and then finish with one or a couple of layers until you have covered the powder with black, you will get a real vavavoom effect!

10. Do you like to accentuate some extra long lashes

Do you like to accentuate some extra long lashes in the middle of the lash line for a more open look or on the edge of the lash line for a cat eye effect?

In that case, try turning the brush vertically instead of painting horizontally, with a “narrow” brush it is easier to access a few lashes at a time.

You can also use this method out of the corner of your eye where it is otherwise difficult to access!


Bending your lashes with an eyelash curler is not that difficult when you have practiced a few times. It can be a little tricky at first just.

To make a bend last all day, warm your lash curler before you start bending your lashes.

Bend at the bottom of the lash line and then move it forward a few millimeters and bend again. Avoid bending the top of your fringe, it will give you an unnatural bend.

You do not need to use an eye bender to bend your lashes. You can also bend them with a teaspoon or tablespoon depending on your size of eye.

Avoid bending your lashes with mascara on, it can cause them to break off. Also replace the silicone pads in your eyelash curler as they wear out over time. They are there to protect your lashes.



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