How to Apply Makeup to Dry Skin In 8 Easy Steps!

How do you apply makeup to dry skin?

The most important thing when you make up a dry skin is the preparation with moisturizing and exfoliation, a good primer and that you use make-up that is for a dry skin. It gives more hydration and radiance, which means that the make-up blends in nicely with the skin.

Does the make-up become stained and settle in fine lines? It is a common problem and many have experienced it, including me.

This is usually due to the fact that you have dry skin or that you use the wrong make-up that is not adapted to your skin type.

With this post, I thought I would make a makeup guide for you with dry skin.

Makeup guide for you with dry skin – 8 steps for a moisturized makeup base

A dry and itchy skin on the face means that the make-up will settle on the dry skin and in turn makes you look even drier.

Looking dry makes you look older, so it is important to have the right make-up and good skin care.

Usually, a dry skin becomes spotty when you put on make-up. This is because the dry parts of the face attract the color more than the non-dry parts, which makes the make-up smudged.

Follow my makeup guide for dry skin and get an even and moisturized makeup base.

1. Moisturizing and exfoliation – Gives a good make-up foundation

Moisturizing and exfoliation is the most important step for you to get a nice makeup base if you have dry skin.

It is important that you have a moisturizing serum and a face cream that provides good moisture. Always choose skin care that is adapted for dry skin so you get the right hydration.

Before you start with your make-up, make sure that your skin is cleansed and moisturized with toner, serum and face cream.

Also exfoliate the skin 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. This means that your make-up blends better into the skin and you avoid getting stains from the make-up.

You can also use a moisturizing face mask 2-3 times a week or as often as you need depending on how dry you are.

A moisturizing face mask is also called a night mask that you sleep in.

2. Apply a primer for dry skin – Get your makeup to stick

Now it’s time to apply a primer. Choose a primer for dry skin that gives radiance and glow, these primers usually also give extra hydration, which is never wrong.

Even oil primers are good for you with dry skin.

In addition to giving you luster, a primer also makes it easier to apply your foundation, it glides on more easily on the skin, your foundation adheres better and looks nice all day.

You get a smoother and smoother surface with a primer.

If you skip primer before applying make-up, your foundation will “slip” off during the day, which is easy to do on dry skin.

3. Apply a foundation for dry skin

Apply a foundation that is for dry skin. A good CC cream is both moisturizing and provides coverage as a foundation and is a good choice for you with dry skin as it is both makeup and skin care in one.

To apply foundation or CC Cream, you can do it with your fingers or a moisturized beauty blender for a natural result.

Otherwise, apply with a foundation brush that has shorter and denser straws if you want a more opaque result on your foundation.

4. Apply concealer – Hides dark circles under the eyes

After you have finished applying your foundation, it’s time for concealer.

Here, too, it is good if you choose a concealer that is moisturizing, otherwise fine lines at the eyes will become more prominent and emphasize the dry.

Good concealer for dry skin can be thin and liquid.

A concealer is to hide dark circles under the eyes but also to cover pimples or if you have red spots on your face.

Apply your concealer with a moisturized beauty blender, a small make-up brush that is for concealer or with your fingers.

5. Bronze face – Gives color and glow

Now it’s time to apply some color to your face and you do it with the help of a bronzer. Feel free to choose a bronzer that gives a glow that is creamy or liquid.

This means that it blends better into the skin and you do not get stained as you can easily get with a bronzer in powder.

Apply a creamy or liquid bronzer directly to the face and then mix with a moisturized beauty blender, make-up brush or with your fingers.

You can also pick up or drip bronzer directly on your makeup brush or beauty blender and then apply it on the face. Do what feels best for you

6. Apply blush – For a fresh and lively feeling

Something that cheers up a makeup is a pair of rosy cheeks, it gives a fresh and healthy feeling to your look.

But do not over drive. Here you should also use a blush that is in cream or liquid form to avoid becoming spotty as a dry skin becomes from powder.

It also blends in nicely with the skin and looks natural.

Just like when you apply your bronzer, you also use a moisturized beauty blender, make-up brush or your fingers when you apply the blush.

Apply a blush on the cheeks and mix in together with the bronzer.

7. Highlighter – Gives luster

Now your make up should get a little shine just like with everything else, it is e highlighter that is liquid or creamy you should use when you are dry.

A highlighter is applied to the high points of your face where the light hits first. Like the back of the nose, cheekbones, cupid’s arch, under the eyebrow bone and a little in the middle of the forehead.

I think the best results are to apply a creamy or liquid highlighter with your fingers, it will be the finest and most natural.

A tip! Do you not like to use highlighter because you think it is too much and feel like a disco ball? Then you can use a glow serum instead.

Take a few drops either between the palms or between the fingertips and warm up. Then pat it on the face with your hands or dab it with your fingertips on the high points.

I usually use glow serum than regular highlighter, it gives you a dewy look. And it also moisturizes the skin, which is perfect for you with dry skin.

8. Setting spray with glow – Fixes the makeup

The absolute last step to get a nice and durable makeup base is to spray all over the face with a setting spray. This means that the make-up will stay neatly in place all day. Choose a setting spray with glow when you have dry skin.

Start by shaking the bottle well before spraying and hold the bottle about 20 cm from the face so it just becomes like a spray mist that settles over the face. 2-3 sprays may be needed to cover the entire face.

It gives a nice glow and hydration while the make-up blends nicely with each other and makes it durable. You can also spray yourself with extra setting spray or a face mist during the day if you feel that you are in need of extra moisture.

Avoid this if you have dry skin

When you are going to put on make-up and have dry skin, there are a few things you should think about and avoid in order to get the best result and for the make-up to apply nicely to your skin.

A dry skin should avoid having a primer that gives a matte result and that contains silicones. It sucks out the moisture you have and need in your face.

If your primer contains silicone, you may find that it crumbles on your face when you apply it. A moisturizing primer with glow and luster is best for you with dry skin.

Be careful when using powder if you have dry skin. It can easily look spotty if you are dry and it also makes you look even drier in the face.

So preferably avoid all powder makeup and instead go for creamy, liquid and moisturizing makeup.

Before applying make-up on dry skin:

  • Scrub. Gently scrub the skin if it can.
  • Provide moisture and nutrition. Lubricate with a nutritious face cream, Skin Food is perfect to nourish with.
  • Primer. Primer with a good primer for dry skin, many make-up artists use Skin Food as both cream and primer.
  • Custom makeup. Double check that your makeup is suitable for dry skin.
  • Ready!

Make-up dry skin with the right products

Making up dry skin can be a real challenge. In addition to priming the skin properly, it is important to choose makeup that works for dry skin.

Some makeup products contain substances that can extract moisture from the skin, or have a formula that emphasizes rather than hides the dry skin.

Moisturizing makeup that does not emphasize the dry areas of the skin is also an important factor for a nice result.

Makeup suitable for dry skin:

  • Foundation – A semi-opaque and moisturizing with a thin texture.
  • Powder – Be extra careful that the powder gives the skin moisture, many powders can dry out the skin. Avoid talc-based powders.
  • Concealer – A liquid with a thin consistency.
  • BB and CC Cream – Usually works well on dry skin.
  • Eye shadow – Choose a cream-based eye shadow or good primer before application.
  • Rouge – Cream-based rouge is a hot tip!

Summary – How to make up a dry skin

When you make up a dry skin, the preparatory work is the most important thing to always moisturize and once a week also exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin cells, it produces a new fresh skin.

If you are good at it, you will also get a nice result when you put on make-up. Moisturizing is a must for dry skin.

It is important to choose the right makeup that is adapted for a dry skin such as primer, foundation, concealer bronzer, blush and highlighter.

Everything is available in cream or in a liquid texture, some are also moisturizing. Avoid using powder that settles in fine lines and makes you look spotty.



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