How To Apply Blush? Step by Step Guide

How do you apply blush?

Always start by choosing a blush in the right shade that suits your skin tone. Preferably it matches the color of your lips. You can apply blush with different brushes, it depends on what you want for results – if you want an intense color or a slightly faint color. Always be light on your hand and work in upward motions when applying your blush.

Step by step: How to apply blush!

1. Nuance

Choose a shade that suits your skin tone. The tones of blush can go in cold, warm and apricot tones. One trick you can do is to pinch your cheek a little and see what kind of pink / red color you get on your cheek.

This is the shade you can start from. Otherwise, you can choose a shade that goes close to your natural lip color to make your makeup go together in a good way.

2. Shimmery or matte blush?

Rouge is also available as matte and shimmery. If you have oily skin, you should avoid shimmery blush as it may look too glossy, but a matte blush can look very natural and nice.

A shimmery blush suits dry skin well as you want the glossy look.

3. Choose the right makeup brush

There are a few different types of makeup brushes that are suitable for applying blush. Choose the brush that suits your wishes.

If you just want a light touch of blush on the cheeks, choose a makeup brush with sparser straws. If you want a more intense color, choose a brush with denser straws.

Avoid choosing a brush that is large or the brushes that come with the package, they do not work at all to apply and the result will not be good. If you have a cream or liquid blush, you can use your fingers to apply.

Remember to wash your make-up brushes a little extra if you use them for cream blush because they will get sticky then.

4. Work with circulating movements

Now it’s time to apply the blush on the cheeks. The most common mistake many people make is that they take up far too much blush on the brush.

It is enough with a little and that you then knock off excess powder on the lid.

Sometimes it can even be enough to take yesterday’s blush that is left in the brush, so little is actually needed.

When applying the blush, work with a light hand and with circulating movements up and back.

5. Setting spray

Finish the make-up with a setting spray. This means that your make-up will stay in place all day and will not float around in your face if you get hot or sweaty.

6. Now you’re done!

3 things to keep in mind before applying blush

Before you start applying your blush, it is good to review what kind of blush you are using and what the best tools are for applying it. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Choose a nice shade

With what color of cheeks do you feel ready to face the world? Rouge is available in a variety of shades so there are no restrictions here.

Choose a color that suits you and that you think gives you a confidence boost.

2. Find the right variety

Rouge, like many other makeup products, comes in different textures and finishes. It is available in both cream and powder form, and can also have different coverage.

So, what kind of blush suits you best? Based on your skin type and what needs your skin has. If you have dry skin, cremerouge is the best option.

For you with oily skin type, a mixture of cream and powder blush is the best combination. Apply the cream product first and then brush the powder blush on top.

If you are craving a redness high up on the cheekbones, cremerouge is preferable. The creaminess gives both luster and color to your cheekbones.

You create the most sculpting blush most easily with pigmented powder blush, which you place where you otherwise apply contouring.

Color in the middle of the cheeks is just as nice with creamy as powdery products. Just make sure the color is most intense where the cheeks are roundest.

3. Use a good makeup brush

Good makeup brushes make a big difference to how the result is when you apply your makeup.

And if you want your blush to settle like a perfect natural blush on the cheeks, a blush brush is the best tool.

What color should I wear on my blush? – Some good tips!

It is important that you choose the right color for your blush so that it suits your skin tone. If you choose the wrong color, it can instead look gray and lifeless on you.

With a blush, you want to liven up and look fresh.

Below are some good tips to know which blush color is right for your skin tone:

  • Light skin – If you have light skin, choose a blush that goes in the pink direction. Avoid colors that are coral, apricot colored it will look very orange on you.
  • Medium skin – If you have a medium skin, you fit in most colors, especially coral and apricot colored blush. But you should avoid the brightest colors it can make it look gray.
  • Dark skin – If you have darker skin, you fit in the most intense and strongest colors.

What type of blush should I choose?

There are many different types of blush on the market, such as powder, cream and liquid blush. You can use them all but some are better suited for some than for others.

Then it’s a matter of taste what you like.

  • Powder blush: Is easy to apply with a brush. The downside is that it does not sit as well as a cream blush. Suitable mainly for you with oily / oily skin.
  • Cream blush: Is easy to apply with your fingers. It can give you a more intense color than powder blush and lasts longer. It also gives a natural result as it sinks nicely into the skin. Best suited for dry skin.
  • Liquid blush: The easiest way to apply with your fingers or a beauty blender. The same as with cream blush, it fits better during the day than a powder blush.

How much blush should I use?

It is enough to use very little blush. It is better to start with a little and then build up the intensity if you want a stronger color than the other way around.

Should you get too much blush on the brush, tap it a little lightly against the lid or on the hand. Otherwise, you can take a towel and dab the excess on the brush.

Do you still happen to wear too much blush and it feels like the whole make-up is ruined? Take a large powder brush and sweep over the cheek, this way you can soften the color if it becomes too much.


Applying blush is not difficult, but you should be aware of some important parts to get as nice and good a result as possible.

You should also take into account what skin type you have as it determines whether you should choose a powder blush or a creamy blush.

Choosing the right shade of blush for your skin tone is also important for it to look good and suit you.

A light skin fits well in shades of pink while a medium skin fits most things, but should avoid too light colors.

You can apply the blush with a brush, fingers or a beauty blender. It depends on what blush you have. However, avoid using too large a brush.

Blush is also useful if you want to create an impression of fuller cheeks.


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