Get the Makeup to Keep In the Heat (8 Smart Tips)

How do you get makeup to stay on in hot weather?

To get makeup to keep in the heat, you should use a good primer and always finish with a setting spray. Feel free to use a light foundation and creamy blush and bronzer. Replace your regular mascara with a waterproof mascara.

If you get sweaty during the day, dab your face with a piece of kitchen paper that absorbs sweat without ruining the make-up.

Putting on make-up in the summer or abroad is almost impossible as it is hot and the make-up just runs off and does not look good at all.

The easiest thing is of course not to put on make-up, but sometimes you still want to last a little extra nice or if you are going away for something fun. I give you my best tips on how to keep your makeup in the heat.

How to get the makeup to last this summer – 8 simple tips

When it is hot outside, it is difficult to get the make-up to hold. We get both hot and sweaty, which means that the makeup runs off immediately.

So how do we make it last an entire summer day without the makeup settling in fine lines and melting away.

Or that the mascara has ended up under the eye instead of on the lashes. I’ll go over some tips and tricks on how to get your makeup to stay in place for an entire summer day.

1. Moisturize the skin of the face

The most important thing is that you have a well-prepared skin before you put on make-up. By that I mean that the face is clean and is well moisturized with skin care that is adapted to your skin type.

If you use skin care that is not right for you, your skin or make-up will not be good either. It is also important that you have a day cream that contains high spf 30-50.

How to prepare the skin and get it moisturized and ready for makeup:

  • Cleaning
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Day cream with Spf

It is easy to be careless with skin care in the summer or when it is hot because you think it gets sticky on the face from creams.

Therefore, you should choose lighter skin care creams and serums during the summer months that easily sink into the skin.

Moisturizing does not have to mean that you add oils and fats to the skin.

2. Always use primer

To get your foundation to sit in place and look good on a hot day, you need to use a primer.

It also smoothes and evens out the skin tone, which makes your skin texture look nicer with smaller pores and fine lines.

In summer, you can use a primer that dulls gloss instead of one with glow.

Of course it is a matter of taste what you like but I would recommend if you have oily or combination skin that you choose a matte primer.

A primer with glow can easily make you look sweaty instead.

3. Choose a lighter base

Choose a lighter base in the summer when it is hot instead of a full-coverage foundation. Many lighter foundations let your own skin shine through and give a natural result and it does not feel as heavy on the skin.

A light foundation that is waterproof is Mac face and body foundation which is one of Mac’s most popular foundation, it is guaranteed to withstand hot and sweaty days.

Other lighter bases are CC Cream or a CC Serum which is even lighter, it evens out most to the skin and gives very little color and a natural glow.

4. Use creamy makeup or powder makeup

I like to use a creamy make-up in the summer, it gives a light glow without looking shiny and it fits well. Makeup that is creamy sinks nicely into your own skin and does not settle as a layer on the face.

If, on the other hand, you have oily or oily skin, avoid make-up in cream and use powder instead, especially in the summer, otherwise there is a great risk that you will look extra glossy.

Do not mix with both powder makeup and creamy makeup stick to a variant otherwise it is easy for it to look flammable and uneven on the skin.

Always choose makeup according to your skin type.

5. Use waterproof mascara

A waterproof mascara is a must in the summer if you want nice lashes that stay black and curved despite heat and bath.

With a waterproof mascara, you avoid it settling under the eye when you get hot.

Problems with oily eyelids?

If you have oily eyelids, even a waterproof mascara can loosen a little and settle under the eye.

Be sure to powder the eyelids and lashes before applying the mascara as the powder absorbs the oil on the eyelid.

Otherwise, you can use mascaras that go away in 38 degree water they clear of oily eyelids without coming off.

Another tip if you have oily eyelids is to just paint mascara on the upper lashes and skip the lower lashes.

6. Fix with a setting powder

To reduce glossy areas on the face, use a transparent setting powder.

It also makes the makeup last longer, wrap it all over your face or take a smaller makeup brush and apply on the areas you want to matte.

There are a few different variants of setting powder, they can either be a little colored or they are like my powder which is white and a little light pink.

Nothing visible when you apply it but it is transparent.

Some powders matte completely, which is good for you with oily skin, others matte down but still allow you to maintain the luster without you becoming completely flat in the face.

7. Finish with setting spray

Make it a habit to always finish a make-up with a setting spray, whether it is summer or winter outside. A setting spray makes the makeup last a whole day without it starting to run or melt away.

You rarely need to improve your makeup if you use a setting spray.

As with all other make-up, there are setting sprays that give a matte result, give radiance or moisturize. Choose the setting spray that suits you and what results you want on your make-up.

Regardless of which variant you choose, all setting sprays have the same function of keeping your make-up in place.

8. Avoid poking your face

I know that it is difficult not to fiddle with your face when you feel how the sweat pearls in your forehead when it is hot.

Avoid poking yourself in the face you will only smear your makeup then.

Instead, take a handkerchief or a piece of kitchen paper and gently dab it over your face so it absorbs sweat from your face.

Do not pull the paper over the face as you will also wipe off the make-up.

Avoid using toilet paper, it is so thin that it can instead crumble and stick to your face if you are really sweaty.

How to put on make-up when it’s hot?

Use as little and as light makeup as possible. Switch to waterproof makeup then you are guaranteed to cope with hot summer days without problems.

A light and natural make-up is best to wear in the summer, focus on a nice and light base.

Makeup that is also available as waterproof is:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick
  • Eyebrow pencil

Almost all makeup can be found in a waterproof version. If you use waterproof make-up, make sure you have a good make-up remover that can wash off waterproof make-up.

Use less makeup

It feels a bit like a matter of course but it still needs to be printed. Skip that heavy and super-covering foundation and instead invest in a cream that gradually gives you a little more color.

In this way, you eliminate a bunch of products but still get a great glow.

I like “BB gradual tan for face” from James Read which you brush on and which gradually gives you a golden color.

Stick to creamy or powdery

If you mix different types of products too much, there is a risk that it will mostly be cakey and flammable. If you have a drier complexion, invest in creamy products that give a nice glow.

If your skin is in the oilier direction, invest in powder.

Love kitchen paper

Strange headline, right? No, not very much. Instead of dusting and powdering and risking a cakey result, you can rely on old-fashioned kitchen paper instead.

The worst shine disappears and you look fresh again in a snap!

Keep the shadow in place

If you do not already do so, it is high time: invest in a primer. It works much like an adhesive (though of course without an unpleasant sticky feeling) and locks in the eye shadow.

There are variants for all wallets, but the editors especially like “Prep + prime eyeshadow primer” from Wet n ‘wild for its cheap price and incredible durability.

Replace your eyeliner

If you love your eyeliner, it may be time to think again. Namely, they are wax-based and wax melts in heat as is well known.

Opt for a gelliner or a liquid variant during the hottest days of summer.

Do not forget the eyebrows

Easiest way to look more awake? Fill in your eyebrows. Opt for a colored gel that quickly gives the eyebrows shape and fullness.

I like “Gimmie brow” from Benefit who does the job quickly and easily.

The mascara trick

Waterproof mascara can feel like a given alternative on humid days like these. But, we all know what the hell it can be like to get rid of it later.

To avoid the problem, you can instead use your regular mascara and then “lock it in” using a waterproof variant.

So paint on your favorite as usual and then one or two coats of a waterproof mascara. This way you get the durability but avoid the problem of removal because it is waterproof on the first layer of regular mascara and not directly on your lashes.

I like “Big look mascara” from Pürminerals as it contains caring argan oil. Fortunately, it is also available in a waterproof variant!

Skip the gloss!

Sticky and sticky gloss that slips off the lips does not immediately feel like a good alternative. Opt for a so-called “stain” instead that gives the lips a lasting color.

Does it feel too dry? Finish with lip balm in that case.

Summary – Get the makeup to keep in the heat

To get the makeup to keep in the heat, the most important things are to have a good foundation.

Use a primer, have a light foundation and matte shine with a transparent setting powder and always finish with a setting spray to keep the make-up looking good all day.

Replace your regular makeup with waterproof makeup if you really want it to sit or if you are going to a pool party.

The best thing is to always put on light make-up in the summer so you avoid the heavy feeling on the skin.

If you get sweaty on your face, avoid being there and fiddling with your fingers, you will only smear the make-up off.

Use paper towels and gently dab over the face it absorbs sweat without the first make-up.


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