8 Easy Makeup Tips For a Younger Look

How to look younger with makeup?

To make yourself younger, you need a primer for mature skin, a light base, creamy or liquid blush, neutral, berry or pink tones on lipstick and a lip gloss. It is also important to have moisturized skin as we become drier in the skin over the years.

Avoid heavy and matte foundations that settle in fine lines and make you look older. Instead, opt for a light foundation or CC cream (like Giordani Gold CC Cream) that you apply evenly on the face and neck. Apply a light concealer to hide blemishes, for example around the nostrils and under the eyes.

Look younger with makeup – 8 smart makeup tips to looking younger

It is easy to put on make-up so you look younger with small simple tricks. I will tell my best tips to you who want to put on make-up younger.

Most of it is about having the right makeup for your skin type.

Avoid matte makeup and instead go for makeup that gives shine and is creamy and liquid. I will give you 8 of my best tips on how to make yourself look younger.

1. Use primer for mature skin

Use the right primer for mature skin. Preferably a primer that evens out fine lines, gives radiance and moisturizes.

A primer gives you a good make-up base for the rest of your make-up and makes it look nice all day.

A primer makes it easy for your foundation to glide on over the skin and you will not become blemished.

You apply primer with your fingers, you can also apply with a make-up brush if you prefer.

2. Light base that covers

As we get older, the skin tends to get discolorations and becomes looser as the skin loses its elasticity. Use a foundation that is lightly opaque and that gives luster.

A CC Cream is a good alternative as it provides hydration, radiance and covers easily.

Avoid using a matte foundation it will make you older. Apply an even layer all over the face and use a moisturized beauty blender or your fingers for a natural result.

You can use a concealer to hide dark circles and other blemishes. Choose a concealer that is liquid and thin.

This makes it easier to blend in and you do not emphasize the fine lines around the eyes.

3. Avoid matte makeup

Avoid all types of matte makeup. And use as little powder as possible. Matte makeup gives no shine and glow to your skin and that is exactly what you need if you want a younger look.

An older skin is also drier and matte make-up dries out the skin even more and there is a risk that you will become blemished.

Powder is also good to avoid as it can easily settle in fine lines and pores and highlight it even more.

4. Make your eyebrows look full

Dare to fill in eyebrows and make them full. A pair of eyebrows frames and lifts your face nicely and gives a younger look than if you skip it.

A tip is to use an eyebrow shadow instead of an eyebrow pencil when you make up your eyebrows.

An eyebrow shadow is perfect for filling in sparse eyebrows but also for making them fuller. It also looks natural as you avoid the sharp edges you can easily get from a brow pencil.

Choose a natural color for the brow shadow that is as close to your own hair color as possible or a shade darker than your own hair color.

Beware of using a far too dark color it gives a harsh impression.

5. Fake fuller lips

As we get older, our lips tend to get both thinner and drier, so it is important that you use a glossy lipstick or lip gloss.

Avoid using matte and dark colors on your lips. It makes them look smaller.

A tip! Use a lip pencil in a neutral color or as close to your own lip color as possible. Paint with a lip pencil on the lip contours but not outside but directly on the lines.

Then take your ring finger and dab the color a little lightly so that it does not become a marked color and edge without the color fading. Finish with a shimmery or translucent lip gloss.

If you just want a lipstick on your lips, you should choose lipsticks in tones that are neutral, like your own lip color or a little berry tones.

Take a lipstick that moisturizes your lips, a pair of glossy moisturized lips gives the impression of fuller lips.

6. Use blush that is liquid or creamy

When it comes to the cheeks, they lose their elasticity over the years and sink down a bit. We often associate a couple of round and full-bodied apple cheeks with youthfulness.

To give the impression of a pair of full and rosy cheeks, use a liquid or creamy blush and avoid powder. A creamy blush gives luster and a younger natural look to your cheeks while they become rosy.

Creamy blush also melts nicely into the skin.

When you apply blush, smile a little lightly so you see your apple cheeks and apply blush on there and work your way back on the cheek.

Do not be too close to the tip of the nose then the feeling may be that you look older.

Choose a color that goes in the same tone as your lips and avoid blush with too much glitter and shimmer in it.

7. Define your eyes

Our eyes and eyelids can also become sagging over the years and look tired. To hide it or make it less clear, you can do a contouring on your eyelids.

It works in the same way as when you do a contouring of the face. It’s about shadow.

This is the only time you should use a matte make-up. Take a brown color on a matte eye shadow and apply on the globe line with light gentle movements, it gives a depth to your eyes.

Avoid glittery and too light eye shadows they can settle in fine lines and make the skin look dull.

A tip if you have sagging eyelids is to bend your eyelashes to open up the eye, it also gives the impression of more open and livelier eyes.

Used a volume of mascara because the lashes become more sparse with age, with a volume of mascara you get full lashes.

8. Do not wear make-up like the younger ones

It is easy to watch makeup videos on youtube as many younger people do. And follow their makeup tips.

But remember that they are usually around the age of 20 and do not have everyone’s same skin or problems as a mature skin has.

It can instead be to your disadvantage to put on make-up as a 20-year-old.

Which make-up gives a younger look?

You should make up your eyes very differently depending on how they look. Black eyeliner makes the eyes look smaller, while light colors around the eyes make them look bigger.

Extending the lashes is an effective way to make the eyes look clearer, as well as a little eye shadow on top of the eyelids, but not too much.

Then the color takes over, however, a thin line over the eyelids, with an eyeliner is very nice and light eye shadow under the eyes, marked eyebrows with any color and brushed eyebrows do much to make the eyes clearer, more marked and more beautiful.

Dark eyeliner makes the eyes look smaller

Having a eyeliner around and under the eyes should only be used if you have noticeably large eyes, then it’s nice.

A dark color, makes those who said look smaller. A light eyeliner, right next to the eyes makes the eyes look bigger.

A light color on the eyelids makes the eyes look bigger, for example a light beige color, then a darker beige, or brown (why not gold) color above the light color on the eyelids, to get a depth of the eyes.

Use an eyeliner on top of the eyelid, and apply false eyelashes, black mascara enlarges the eyes. The black eyeliner and mascara make an effect on the eyes so they look clearer, the iris is clearer.

Do a treatment like Stay Young

If you find it difficult to put on make-up so that the eyes look clearer, so that the cheeks, cheekbones and lips look healthier, you can use other tricks for this.

However, you do not have to lie down on an operating table and use the knife to cut off skin, or spray in silicone, or rooster comb, or the like.

You can, for example, stimulate the skin and collagen in the face. With small microcurrents of electricity, one can stimulate the muscles and blood circulation in the face, or on the body.

This tightens the skin. The color becomes more rosy, as the blood circulates better.

How to lift the face with makeup?

You can easily apply make-up for a facelift with the right make-up technique. You can give a lift to both eyes, cheekbones and mouth pores.

To get a lift, use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation.

Apply concealer upwards and then mix it into the skin. It gives the illusion that the face looks lifted.

The same thing you do with your bronzer and your blush that you apply it upwards and in upward movements.

Summary – How to look younger using makeup

Making up younger is easy with little tricks. First of all, you need to use the right makeup for your skin and skin type.

To make yourself younger, you need a primer that gives shine and evens out fine lines, a light yet opaque foundation and a thin liquid concealer.

Avoid using matte makeup that can make you look older instead of younger. Feel free to use makeup that is in creamy or liquid.

It gives radiance and blends in nicely and naturally into the skin, it also gives a more youthful feeling.

Dare to fill in your eyebrows it frames and lifts your face, making your lips look fuller with lip gloss or with a lipstick in a neutral or pink tone that is close to your own lip color.

It gives the illusion of moisturized and slightly fuller lips.



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